24 Mar 2020

The Coronavirus has taken the world by storm. Now is a time to become comfortable in the unknown. To completely let go and trust the Universe and higher intelligence. It's a time to go within to self-reflect and self-care. To not only spend time with your quarantines but with yourself.

We are forced to stop and be with ourselves which most of us like to distract from. You might find you hear and recognise your own thoughts and feelings. Learn to be still with it.

Maybe you can become creative and productive and explore the things you never had a chance to before!

I personally feel more of a connection with others at this time as we are a...

2 Mar 2019

Here are some of my top tips for happiness that personally help me. I understand they might not work for every one, but this is what keeps me in a happy space, and I believe most of these tips will work for everyone!

1. Surround Yourself With Positive People

This is a no brainer. Who you spend the most time around will affect how you feel and even how you act. I personally am super sensitive to the vibes and energy of others and I automatically tend to adapt to meet their level, which I am slowly learning to stand in my truth and not let others affect my mood.

Try to lift others up to your level rather than sinking down to theirs, and if this is...

23 Feb 2019

Have you heard of the term Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)?

They say around 20% or less of the population is Highly Sensitive, but in reality we all are, some people are just on another level or more aware of it.

Not being aware of being a HSP can cause chaos for us emotionally or it can be beautiful, empowering and help create needed change and connection.

If you look up the definition of Energy is comes up with:

"Energy can be converted in form, but cannot be created or destroyed".

Energy is all there is. It's all around us and in us. All connected. But, some people are more in tune with it than others.

People with these sensitivities are labe...

4 Feb 2019

Procrastination is a hard habit to shake, and it happens to everyone.

So here are 8 tips to help you beat procrastination and make productivity a habit in your life:

1. Morning routine

A good morning routine is going to set you up for the day ahead – mentally, physically and emotionally.

A great morning routine might look something like this:

Wake Up Early 

You will get a lot more done throughout the day if you wake up early (making sure you get a reasonable amount of sleep the night before so you don’t burn out or feel groggy). 


When I wake up early and exercise that is when I feel the most energetic throughout the day and in a good headspa...

29 Oct 2018


Food Matter & FMTV introduce a new documentary-series that will take you deeper into the mind & body than ever before...

FMTV are launching the film series for FREE! Their online premiere event starting NOVEMBER 1ST!

To learn more and to save your FREE spot click HERE.

Some of the biggest challenges we face today - stress, overwhelm, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, autoimmune disease, obesity, cancer, a midlife crisis, and feeling directionless - are leading us to believe that we won’t ever live a life full of health, happiness or purpose.


This groundbreaking series takes us on a transformational journey of discovery....

9 Jul 2018

I had the pleasure of recently attending the Beyond Meat launch in London. It was held at Honest Burgers where they just launched their new all vegan burger using Beyond Meat!

Beyond Meat is a plant-based burger patty made from ingredients such peas which provide protein, coconut oil, bamboo, sunflower seeds, potato starch for that juiciness and chew, trace amounts or beetroot for a beefy red colour and more! All the result of a delicious burger, made from plants!

The surprising part is it doesn't taste at all of coconut, peas or potatoes, it tastes EXACTLY like a beef patty. It resembles meat in every way - smell,...

2 Jun 2018

The number one secret to health and vitality you have probably all been hearing, is adopting a PLANT-BASED DIET!

Are you struggling to eat healthy? Lacking energy? Challenge yourself to eat 10 plant-based meals for 10 days!

Are you ready to accelerate your health journey? Join me in this FREE online event run by Food Matters starting from June 11-June 20. Register your free spot NOW and get access to:

🥗 Daily plant-based video recipes

👫 Daily interviews with leading plant-based experts

🎥 Daily health documentaries to keep you motivated

🥑 10 day meal plan, recipes & helpful tips

🍟 Downloadable PDF: Top 12 Food Additives To Avoid


23 Oct 2017

That Chocolate makes handcrafted choccy bars that are:

• Raw 
• Vegan 
• Organic 
• Paleo 
• Refined sugar free 
• Emulsifier free 
• Free from ALL 14 major allergens 
• Rich in antioxidants and bursting with all natural energy lifting, mood enhancing goodness 
• Stoneground and handmade with love

The amazing thing too is it is also enriched with prebiotics and probiotics. There is more than 1 billion gut healing babies in every bar.

Their aim with these chocolate bars is to solve global hunger. The incredible concept of this company is that every one bar sold = one meal for a child living in poverty!

It has su...

6 Aug 2017

Start making yourself aware of what goes on in the meat and dairy industry. How it actually effects our health, our beautiful planet, and the horrendous, inhumane way animals are exploited. Society has made us believe, from birth, that we need to eat animals for protein, and cow's milk for calcium, when obviously we know now from studies and documentaries that this is nothing but a lie, and is actually detrimental to our health. Cancers and other illnesses, as well as asthma and eczema have actually been cured in just two weeks of eating a plant based diet.

One of the most asked questions to a vegan is, "but where...

27 Jul 2017

Nanabar is a pop up all vegan nice cream bar in Shorditch, London. Yes, nice cream bar. How cool is that?? Their nice cream is made from frozen bananas, and topped with things like cacao fudge, vanilla cashew cream, nuts and seeds, and nut butters. So you can basically have it for breakfast, or lunch if you're feelin' it! Like I do.

All made with healthy ingredients, but still super scrumptious!! The price for one is £7, and you can add granola and an extra topping for an extra £1, which is what I do every time, and add peanut butter for the extra topping! The size for the price is reasonable, I literally feel like it...

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