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MyLife make vegan cheeses and butter. The main ingredient in most vegan cheeses is coconut oil and there are some which you can really taste the coconut oil which I do not like. However, thankfully this brand isn't one of them. And the ingredients they use are quite good too!

My mum even said she could never give up cheese before she discovered this brand. Now she has switched to MyLife Bio products.


I was super happy about this butter because most vegan butters I have tried are more like a margarine type, but this actually had a similar taste, consistency and even colour to butter. The smell is a bit more like margarine though. It has more of a mild flavour, and does actually taste pretty similar to butter when spread on toast etc. I made mashed potatoes with this butter and I couldn't taste the difference. It is also creamy like butter.

Price: $6.00

Rating: 8/10

Original Cheese

The original flavour is my favourite. I usually grate this one onto pasta or if I'm making pizza. When I smelt this I couldn't believe how much it smelt like regular cheese, I couldn't tell the difference. And the taste is very similar too, but has more of a subtle flavour. It's pretty firm but softer than regular cheese. It's creamy and melts pretty good too.

Here is when I made pizza with their Cheddar Shreds on the left half and Original Cheese on the right half which I grated. They don't look extremely melted but they were melted. This cheese tastes great on pizza.

Price: $7.50

Rating: 8/10

Original Cheese Slices

Same as the other Original cheese just in slices. Great for sandwiches.

Price: $8.00

Rating: 8/10

Cheddar Shreds

The Cheddar style is a bit firmer than the Original. The shreds are great for topping pizza, tacos or pasta. The colour is more yellow than the Original which is a light yellow colour. It smells like regular cheese. I like the texture and it is still creamy but I can taste a little more of the coconut oil in the Cheddar style which I didn't like, but it is still better than some I have tried in the past. It did taste good on pizza but I still prefer the flavour of the Original.

Price: $8.00

Rating: 7/10

Cheddar Slices

Same as the Cheddar Shreds just in slices.

Price: $8.00

Rating: 7/10

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