Beyond Meat Launch! UK

I had the pleasure of recently attending the Beyond Meat launch in London. It was held at Honest Burgers where they just launched their new all vegan burger using Beyond Meat!

Beyond Meat is a plant-based burger patty made from ingredients such peas which provide protein, coconut oil, bamboo, sunflower seeds, potato starch for that juiciness and chew, trace amounts or beetroot for a beefy red colour and more! All the result of a delicious burger, made from plants!

The surprising part is it doesn't taste at all of coconut, peas or potatoes, it tastes EXACTLY like a beef patty. It resembles meat in every way - smell, texture, the way it sizzles and 'bleeds' when it is cooked. It is actually unbelievable. If you gave this to a meat eater they wouldn't know the difference.

Now, if you are really plant-based you are probably thinking.. ew!? I thought I would be grossed out too, but knowing that it is vegan and plant-based doesn't gross me out. This is perfect for meat-eaters who are transitioning into veganism, and also gives us vegans more 'protein' options.

One burger patty contains 20g protein, is gluten-free, soy-free and free from GMOs.

Let's look at the impact consuming animal meats has on our health and our planet:

16% increased cancer risk

21% increased heart disease risk

51% of global greenhouse gas emissions driven by livestock rearing and processing

29% animal production share of agricultural water use

45% global surface area for livestock systems

66 billion land animals slaughtered every year for human consumption

Plant-based meats:

Improves human health

Reverses effects of climate change

Improves animal welfare

What I also love about Beyond Meat is they pretty much cover everything. They also sell sausages, sliders, chicken strips and beefy crumble perfect for spaghetti bolognese. I have only tried their burger so far as the rest are only in America, but I am so looking forward to trying the rest!

I really think the demand is rising quickly and they will get over to the UK and other parts of the world soon enough.

The Beyond Meat Burger will be in 350 Tesco stores by August!

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