GOOD TO GO make high quality on-the-go plant-based sandwiches. A plant-based lifestyle can sometimes be tricky when you're in a rush and on-the-go if you don't know where to go or if you don't meal prep and one thing that is definitely lacking is good quality grab-and-go sandwich options.

Their sandwich fillings are next level. Super interesting and delicious combos, very fresh and definitely not boring!

They currently sell at Greenwich Market and at some events, but looking to try and get them in the supermarkets, which definitely NEEDS to happen!! These are the three I have tried:

Marinated Portobello Mushrooms

This had really yummy flavours. You can also taste the mustard. But it was just too salty! I think it was the mushroom marinade that was salty.

I'll give it a 7/10 but if they hold off of the salt a bit then a 8/10.

Chipotle, Carrot, Lentil & Baba Ganouch

Interesting flavours. Was a little spicy but not too spicy. It had a bit of a mediterranean kind of flavour maybe. It was sweet and had crunch from the purple cabbage.

I gave this a 7/10 then I actually dipped it in some homemade hummus and it made it a 8/10!

Pea Fritters & Sweetcorn Relish

This one was packed with plants! It was very delicious. I was a bit skeptical about the peas in a sandwich but it went really well, and peas are also quite high in protein. You get that bit of sweetness from the relish and sweet corn, some crunch from the red bell pepper pieces. I tasted a little bit of spice towards the end. And the seeded bread was nice, soft and fresh. And they definitely don't skimp on the toppings!

Rating: 8/10

Have a look at their menu:

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