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Mildreds is one of my favourite vegan restaurants in London. They are known for their vegan burgers, which are amazing, and so are their other dishes. They also do great vegan desserts, and vegan and organic wines, beers, and cocktails, as well as fresh, organic juices. The service was great in my experience and you get your food quick, which is what we all like, right? Their restaurant is located in Camden, Kings Cross, Soho, and opening in Dalston on the 29th of August.

Let's start with the burgers...

Classic Burger:

On the left is the "classic" burger, with smoked tofu, lentil, piquillo pepper in a focaccia bun with relish, rocket, red onion, tomato and vegan cheese.

This burger tastes closest to meat out of the two, with it's texture, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, and it has that smokey flavour to it from the smoked tofu. You can't really taste much difference with the vegan cheese, which is amazing. You definitely get the whole burger experience. And I love that it's not oily. The burger comes with potato or sweet potato chips, both taste extremely good and not oily like you can usually get with chips and fries. The plain potato chips are crispy and soft in the middle, and the sweet potato chips are nice and soft. My boyfriend and I usually get one of each and share the chips. For the sauce that comes with it, they have a choice of vegan basil mayo or chipotle ketchup, which is a spicy sauce.

I have eaten from the Mildreds in Camden Town a lot of times, but I actually tried the classic smoked tofu and lentil burger at the Mildreds in Kings Cross and I liked it way better from Camden. Everything was actually presented better in the Kings Cross Mildreds, but for some reason it tasted better in the Camden one.

Polish Burger:

The burger on the right is the "polish" burger, with beetroot, white bean and dill in a focaccia bun with iceberg lettuce, vegan mayonnaise, pickled cabbage, gherkin and vegan cheese.

This is the only time I have liked gherkins, especially in a burger. The patty is a bit softer then the tofu one. The pickles in the burger really makes it taste like a burger.

Unfortunately for now this burger is off the menu, but may return again soon.

All the flavours, in both burgers, come together perfectly. After eating this meal I wasn't overly full or bloated, but satisfied. But I find myself really thirsty after eating this meal, so I guess there is a lot of salt. Which, isn't really surprising.

I also ordered a vegan white wine with my meal. I got the "finaca enguera, verdil, valencia, spain". I ordered this one because it is a sweet wine. It was delicious, and yes, it tastes exactly the same as non-vegan wine. My boyfriend ordered the "hepworth blonde lager", which is also gluten free. And I liked that better than regular beer. It was so smooth, and not so bitter as regular beer.

I love both the burgers, but if I HAD to choose a favourite I would probably go with the classic tofu and lentil burger, but they are both so good!

This is the stir fried vegetables with broccoli, baby corn, peppers and chilli in sweet soy with peanuts, organic tofu, brown jasmine rice and kimchi.

This bowl was delicious! I loved how their was so many different flavours in the bowl it kept it exciting. The rice was cooked with soy sauce it tasted like, which tasted delicious, the kimchi and the chilli is a bit spicy, as chilli is.. but it's not overpowering. I don't mind a bit of spice, and it's good for the digestion. This bowl looks pretty self explanatory and just generally tasted really good! I also love that you feel satisfied after eating it, but not too full because of the natural, healthy ingredients and perfect portion size.

This is the sri lankan sweet potato and green been curry with roasted lime cashews, pea basmati rice and coconut tomato sambal. The coconut tomato sambal is a sauce that comes on the side.

This review will come from my boyfriend as he ate this one, and I think it's great to have another opinion. This is his favourite item on the menu, this and the Classic burger. He liked the tomato sambal that comes with it. It's creamy, while you get a crunch from the green beans and cashews.

Dessert was their chocolate and hazelnut brownie with salted caramel sauce and ice cream. I had a panic attack a couple of bites into this, because it literally just tasted like a normal brownie and vanilla ice cream that you would get at any restaurant. I had to stop the waitress and ask! Luckily it was. The brownie was nice and warm and chocolatey and had crunch from the hazelnuts, but it had orange flavour to it unfortunately, and I am not a fan of citrus flavoured desserts or snacks so it ruined it for me, and it was a shame they didn't mention that in the description on the menu, but it was only a hint or orange, I still definitely recommend it. The ice cream was delicious, and so creamy!

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