Nucao is the first nutritious, superfood chocolate bar! Whether you need a sweet snack throughout the day or an after dinner guilt-free treat, this bar is a perfect choice.

These bars are vegan, raw, organic, gluten-free, lowercarb and have no artificial additives, preservatives or flavour enhancers. These bars also contain protein, magnesium, iron, zinc, antioxidants and omega 3-fatty-acids.

Nucao is a sustainable brand with recyclable cardboard packaging and compostible foil packaging made from cellulose used to wrap the chocolate.

And for every bar sold, one tree is planted!

You will never find a healthier yet delicious chocolate bar than these!

You can find these bars on Amazon, in Whole Foods and in Planet Organic for £2.79 each.

1. Hazelnut

All these bars taste like dark chocolate, so sweet but not too sweet. Nice crunch and texture from the nuts and seeds. You can't really taste the hazelnuts, it tastes a bit more like seeds, even though there is only hemp seeds in these bars. But this is my favourite flavour out of the four and it tastes absolutely delicious! I'm super impressed with this bar, it tastes so yummy but at the same time being super healthy!


2. Coconut

This bar is filled with shredded coconut and has a delicious, fresh coconut flavour. So yummy!


3. Barberry

You're probably wondering what a Barberry is.. European Barberry is a herb and they come from a shrub. The fruit, bark and roots are actually used to make medicine. These little red berries have a long history of use as remedies for digestive disorders, infection, indigestion, gallbladder disease and heartburn!

This bar has nice crunch and texture, a slight seedy taste like the hazelnut bar with the occasional dried berry flavour which tasted sweet and yummy!


4. Espresso

Nice espresso flavour and not too strong. There are crushed espresso beans throughout the bar giving it that very natural coffee flavour and nice crunch. A great pick me up to keep you going throughout the day.


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