Vive Protein Bars (NEW!)

Vive have recently launched their new and improved dark chocolate protein bars! Giving you 10 grams of protein in one bar.

Made using natural ingredients with nothing artifical, and covered in Belgian dark chocolate, this is a perfect snack or "indulgent" treat to take with you anywhere!

You can currently purchase these bars from Vive's website for £6.00 for a mixed box of 1 of each flavour or 12 bars for £16.00.

1. Peanut Butter

All the bars have a nice soft chewy inside with some crunch from the nuts. There are nice big crunchy peanut chunks inside. Delicious natural peanut flavour, which obviously goes so well with the chocolate, and you also can't taste the plant protein which is hard to accomplish with any protein bar! Nice sweetness and saltyness. So yummy!!


2. Salted Caramel

There are crunchy peanuts inside but not as crunchy as the other two bars. You can't really taste the peanuts either surprisingly, which is good because it is salted caramel flavour. Delicious caramel flavour and not overpowering, and you can't taste the protein. Nice sweetness but it could have been a little saltier. So yum!! Vive have done these flavours really well, I'm impressed!


3. Hazelnut

Chunky hazelnut pieces throughout the bar which gives that nice crunch. Nice amount of sweetness and saltyness. Delicious hazelnut flavour. You can taste the plant protein a little which gives it a plastic kind of aftertaste but the hazelnut flavour hides it pretty well, I wish it just had a stronger hazelnut flavour and maybe that would have overpowered the protein taste better. I love the chocolatey outside, it makes these bars an indulgent treat, like a chocolate bar but healthier, with way less sugar and with added protein... bonus!


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