31 Oct 2019

Plantasy Foods sell vegan 'Mac 'n Cheez' that you can make, ready in minutes! They come in four different flavours, you just add water in a pan as instructed on the packet, add your Mac 'n Cheez mix, stir, wait a few minutes and it's as easy as that! They also sell 'Cheez Sprinkles' for an extra sprinkling of 'cheez' or to top on other savoury or pasta dishes.

They are vegan and free from gluten, nuts and soy. What I love about this Mac 'n Cheez is that it's like a fast food option but made with wholesome, healthy ingredients! So when you're feeling like a bit of 'comfort food', it's actually still healthy for you and leaves you feelin...

18 Jul 2019

Land & Tide make on-the-go cold brew coffee and mocha.

They use cold brew coffee which is slowly brewed in cold water for over 18 hours, giving a low acidic and smooth flavour. It's 100% vegan with no added sugar or dairy, free from soya, nuts or GMOs, made in the UK.

Their packaging is 100% recyclable and they deliberately use no plastic straws with their cartons. You simply lift the tab to enjoy.

You can shop their products on their website, Ocado, Amazon, The Vegan Kind, GreenBay and in Sourced Market in St Pancras.

They sell for £2 each and 12 x 250ml on their website for £24.

1. Oat Iced Coffee

Ingredients: Cold Brew Cof...

30 Apr 2019

CHIKA'S makes West African inspired snacks such as flavoured and spiced nuts and crisps. 

CHIKA'S sources the highest quality ingredients, from their individually selected plantains, to their toasted peanuts that are prepared entirely by hand by farmers in Nigeria. They go the extra mile to provide quality and consistency.

Their nuts and crisps make for great party snacks!

You can buy their snacks on their website or in Waitrose, Holland & Barrett, Whole Foods or online on Ocado.

1. Smoked Almonds


Almonds, rapeseed oil, salt, dextrose, rice flour, sugar, yeast powder, yeast extract powder, smoked paprika, black pepper, onion powder,...

21 Dec 2018

Raw Sport by Revolution Foods is a vegan company that produces everything you need to fuel and replenish your workout and just to help you maintain an all round healthy lifestyle! 

Their products are natural and gluten-free and they sell products such as pre-workout powders, protein powders, BCAA's, electrolytes, super foods and many other vitamins to help improve your digestion, skin, boost energy, reduce stress and much more!

I have tried their Female Repair Protein & BCAA blends. The only small difference between the male and female protein powders is that the one for woman has added ingredients such as maca powder and...

29 Nov 2018

Vive have recently launched their new and improved dark chocolate protein bars! Giving you 10 grams of protein in one bar.

Made using natural ingredients with nothing artifical, and covered in Belgian dark chocolate, this is a perfect snack or "indulgent" treat to take with you anywhere!

You can currently purchase these bars from Vive's website for £6.00 for a mixed box of 1 of each flavour or 12 bars for £16.00.

1. Peanut Butter

All the bars have a nice soft chewy inside with some crunch from the nuts. There are nice big crunchy peanut chunks inside. Delicious natural peanut flavour, which obviously goes so well with the chocolate, and you al...

22 Nov 2018

LoveRaw make vegan and natural snacks, sweets and drinks.

They produce organic snack bars, organic "Food Booster" powder blends, Latte blends in an easy on-the-go bottle and they have recently brought out their new Butter Cups!

I love that they use minimal, fairtrade, organic and natural high quality ingredients making it easy for us to endulge while keeping it healthy and natural as possible. 

You can shop them on the LoveRaw website,  or on Ocado for £1.99 each.

1. Hazelnut Butter

They are small cups but you get two so it makes up for it. Delicious hazelnut flavour! Like that good ferrero rocher kind of hazelnut flavour. Soft inside with litt...

9 Nov 2018

Nucao is the first nutritious, superfood chocolate bar! Whether you need a sweet snack throughout the day or an after dinner guilt-free treat, this bar is a perfect choice.

These bars are vegan, raw, organic, gluten-free, lowercarb and have no artificial additives, preservatives or flavour enhancers. These bars also contain protein, magnesium, iron, zinc, antioxidants and omega 3-fatty-acids.

Nucao is a sustainable brand with recyclable cardboard packaging and compostible foil packaging made from cellulose used to wrap the chocolate.

And for every bar sold, one tree is planted!

You will never find a healthier yet delicious chocolate bar than...

26 Oct 2018

Frill is the perfect healthy alternative to ice cream! It is made from only whole fruits, vegetables and natural ingredients. It's like eating a creamy, delicious frozen smoothie!

Their products are dairy-free, gluten-free, high in fibre and made with no added sugars, sweeteners or artificial ingredients. And with only 59-85 calories per 100g this makes for the perfect healthy treat!

Frill is not just a healthy alternative to ice cream but you can also have it for breakfast and top it with fruit and nuts etc, you can thaw it to create a mousse, stir it into a smoothie, bake raw cheesecakes and much more! You can find insp...

25 Oct 2018

Pure Chimp is an ethical company who produce natural matcha powders and accessories. They also donate 5% of their profits to charity! 

Their supply is from Japan who have been producing matcha green tea for over 30 years. This authentic Japanese matcha comes from the Kyoto region. This area is well known for its superior matcha. Pure Chimp believe their high quality matcha tea cannot be matched when it comes to value for money.

They sell their 50g glass jar matcha's for £11.95, 20g pouches for £4.95 and 100g pouches for £19.95.

You can buy them from their online store and Amazon UK.

1. Matcha Green Tea

Great quality taste. I usually put around...

22 Oct 2018

The Food Doctor's mission is to make balanced, healthy and wholesome snacks. Created by nutritionists, their range is designed to provide you with a dose of vitamins through trusted information on health and wellbeing.

They produce vegan crisps made with popped soya and corn, fruit and veg bars, seed and cereal pitta bread, and snack mixes made with seeds, beans, soya and edamame.

You can find their products in Tesco, Waitrose and online on Amazon and Ocado.

Crisps £0.80

Bars £1.00

Pitta £1.50

1. Beetroot & Cacao

soft, chewy texture bit of crunchy pieces from puffed quinoa and cacao nibs

can taste the beetroot very mildly, chocolatey flavour, perf...

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