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Plant Based Protein Powders

Every cell in the human body contains protein. It is essential for repairing tissue in our body and making new ones. You need it in order to make enzymes, hormones, and other chemicals in our body. It helps speed recovery after exercise, reduces loss of muscle, helps maintain a healthy weight and curbs hunger. One of the most asked questions people ask vegans is, " but where do you get your protein from?". Have you ever heard of anyone being protein deficient? No, because it just doesn't happen. Humans can actually get enough protein from plants, grains and other alternatives. I love working out and keeping fit, so I love having a protein shake before my workout first thing in the morning, or after, if I do workout later in the day.

If you haven't had a plant based protein before you will probably taste the difference, some more than others. But once you have had it a few times you will get used to it. Sometimes I even find myself craving it.

I have three plant based protein powders here I have tried. I have also tried other plain protein powders like soy and rice and they were all floury af, and not very nice. Thankfully I found these three. I always get vanilla flavour.

Vega Protein Vanilla
Vega Protein Vanilla Nutritional Values

1. Vega

I started off using Sunwarrior, and then decided to try this one one day as I had heard good things about it, and it soon became my favourite. This was the only one so far that didn't taste like a plant based protein to me. It just tasted like a normal, delicious vanilla protein powder. It's nice and sweet, not too sweet. It mixes very well. It is a light sand kind of colour, and you can see the tiny vanilla beans which I always love. When I smelt inside the container it smelt like spirulina or something like that, it was not a nice smell, but when I put a scoop in my protein shaker and smelt that, it smelt nice and like vanilla, weird! It's not that floury like most plant based proteins are. I always put a little bit of plant based milk, like almond milk or soy, in my protein shaker, about 100-130 grams, with water. I always love it better with that bit of milk, it makes it a bit creamier. I add a tsp of maca powder and cinnamon to my protein shake and it actually tastes like rice pudding! All I can say is, good job Vega!

Price: 518g £26.99

Rating: 9.8/10

Sunwarrior Protein Vanilla
Sunwarrior Protein Vanilla Nutritional Values

2. Sunwarrior

This one doesn't really have that vanilla flavour. It's more of just a sweet taste than vanilla. You can tell it's plant based but you get used to the flavour and then it actually tastes nice, and I did crave it a lot. The colour of this one is more of a light brown/pinkish/dark beige kind of colour. It mixes well, but I think Vega mixes even better. I find the trick to stop the protein from sticking to the bottom of the protein shaker or clumping is putting a bit of plant milk in first (or water), and then adding the protein and then the water, rather than putting the protein in first. It's not floury, only the slightest, same as Vega. I love adding cinnamon and maca powder to my protein shakes, that was my favourite combo with this protein. Also, If you blend it into a smoothie, you can't taste it.

Price: 1kg £45.95

Rating: 8/10

Vega Sport Protein
Vega Sport Protein Nutritional Values

3. Vega Sport This one is very similar to the other Vega protein. The only difference is it kind of has like a slight bitter aftertaste taste to it. It doesn't stick around in your taste buds though, and still tastes good, like vanilla and sweet.

Price: 1.98kg $84.99 (from the US)

Rating: 8/10

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