Nanabar is a pop up all vegan nice cream bar in Shorditch, London. Yes, nice cream bar. How cool is that?? Their nice cream is made from frozen bananas, and topped with things like cacao fudge, vanilla cashew cream, nuts and seeds, and nut butters. So you can basically have it for breakfast, or lunch if you're feelin' it! Like I do.

All made with healthy ingredients, but still super scrumptious!! The price for one is £7, and you can add granola and an extra topping for an extra £1, which is what I do every time, and add peanut butter for the extra topping! The size for the price is reasonable, I literally feel like it's never ending when I'm eating it, which is the best thing ever. And you get a nice amount of toppings!

They also have a stamp card at the counter you can grab to get free upgrades and a free nice cream after a certain amount of stamps, so don't forget to grab one of those!

Nanabar has quite a unique 'flavour calendar' too, as you can see in the picture above. They serve only one flavour for each day of the week. So if you're a peanut butter lover, you would probably be there on a Friday. If you're feeling everything chocolate then I think Thursday is your day. I also love the really chilled atmosphere in Nanabar. They have cushions and plants on the ceiling and tables, which gives a nice vibe (and also makes a great Instagram photo), Peanut Butter Cup (Friday), and Rocky Road (Thursday) are my favourites!! Nanabar just shows that something this healthy can still taste so ridiculously good!

Nanabar was created by a couple of really cool, and really friendly people, Justin and Olivia. If you watch Nanabar's Instagram story (@nanabarlondon), they are always messing around and interacting with their customers at Nanabar which I think is great! I remember finding Nanabar on Instagram a while back when they first had a vision to open this place. And I was basically waiting patiently for their nice cream bar to open because I knew it would be amazing. I'm excited that health and veganism is really getting out there and so many new vegan cafe's and restaurants are opening, and more vegan products are now being sold in general supermarkets around London. Woohoo!

They are open for 3 months, every day from 9am - 9pm and opened on the 1st of July. I really hope they open up for good! They are located at 45 Charlotte Road, EC2A 3PD. So get down there to enjoy some deliciously guilt free nice cream!

The first time I went to Nanabar was on a Friday, obviously.. it was Peanut Butter Cup day. Which is peanut butter nice cream topped with cacao fudge, raw cacao nibs, popcorn, and Himalayan pink salted peanuts. That sounds amazing right? Because it is. Everything came together perfectly and the peanuts, cacao nibs and crunchy peanut butter gave it a perfect crunch with the smooth and creamy nice cream. I love that something so healthy can taste that good. I wanted another one when I finished!

Say hello to Rocky Road! A bomb of chocolatey goodness. You'll find this one on a Thursday. Made with almond butter and cacao nice cream topped with cacao fudge, dried cranberries, cacao nibs, sicilian almonds and a sprinkle of pink himalayan salt. I was in nice cream heaven while eating this! I loved that the toppings and nice cream seemed endless. The cacao fudge with the peanut butter and cacao nice cream together was just amazing. And with the crunch of the almonds, cacao nibs and granola it was just perf, you have to try this one! This one I found more rich and dessert like over the other flavours.

This one was a Sunday.. Hazelnut Tart. Which involves hazelnut butter nice cream topped with cacao fudge, raw cacao nibs, popcorn, crumbled hazelnuts and sprinkled with Himalayan pink salt.

It tasted pretty similar to the peanut butter one above as it has most of the same toppings, and obviously because I added peanut butter to it, but I'll probably add peanut better every single time because #peanutbutter, am I right? So basically it still tasted amazing! My favourite has been the peanut butter one so far.

Strawberry Shortcake. This one is on a Monday. Strawberry nice cream topped with madagascan vanilla cashew cream (fancy), crumbled sicilian almonds, black sesame seeds and amaranth puffs. I found this one more sorbet like than the others. It was yummy, light and refreshing. They didn't put much toppings on this one so I felt they went too fast and then it was just nice cream left, and I feel the vanilla cashew cream went in a couple of bites and got lost under the other flavours. I liked the strawberry touch! For me my favourites are Peanut Butter Cup and Rocky Road as they have powerful flavours and lot's of chocolate etc. But if you love strawberry flavoured nice cream or sorbet and want to go for a more refreshing feel, then this is perf.

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