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I'm Lauren. A model and health foodie. I eat a plant based, wholesome diet and live a health and fitness lifestyle. Here I will be reviewing vegan products so you don't have to spend your time trying them all before you find the best ones! I hope you enjoy this space and it helps you on your own journey to a healthy, happy, balanced body, mind and life.




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18 Jul 2019

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Nutcrafter Creamery

22 Sep 2017



Nutcrafter Creamery is a small, environmentally conscious company that make different types of cheeses from aged cheese and cream cheese to halloumi and mozzarella, also selling butter and spreads.

All of their products are plant based, hand crafted and free from processed ingredients. Their cheese is made from cashews or almond milk, natural ingredients and their cooking methods follow the principles of living and raw food.


Their products are available to buy on their online store and also in Planet Organic.






Nutzarella (Mozzarella)

This is much firmer than mozzarella, but it softened up a bit after being out of the fridge for a few minutes. It tastes sour but also creamy. It doesn't resemble the taste of mozzarella at all but It tastes good on some toast with avocado and tomato. After a few bites in you kind of get used to the sour taste and it becomes less sour and tastes creamy. The sourness is still there but I like this combo because the sweetness from the tomato balances out the sourness. Mozzarella isn't supposed to be sour but maybe that's the only way to make cashews into cheese?

Price: £6.50

Rating: 7.5/10




Vhalloumi (Halloumi)

I grilled the Vhalloumi on a griddle pan. It had a nice, soft cheesy texture a flavour at first and then the sourness kicked in, not as sour as the other Nutcrafter cheeses I tried. When eating it with other ingredients it kind of fell out of place with the soft cheesy texture and sour taste. There has to be something that it goes perfectly with. You could probably season it as well before you pan fry it. I was really confused if I liked it or not.

Price: £6.50

Rating: 6.5/10





Grated Almond Parmavegan (Parmesan)

This has three ingredients: Activated organic almonds, nutritional yeast and sea salt. This just tasted pretty much like nutritional yeast and salt with a bit of crunch from the ground almonds. It's like the same as parmesan in the way that you need to keep adding it to actually taste it as it blends in quickly. It gives a great taste to the dish but if you don't want to pay £5.20 for this you may as well just top your meal with nutritional yeast like I always do. Or it can be super easy to just make yourself using some almond meal, nutritional yeast and sea salt.



I sprinkled some Parmavegan on pasta. You can find the recipe for it here:


Price: £5.20

Rating: 6.5/10





Fresh & Aged Cheeses




















1. Aged Charcoal

These cheeses are softer than I thought they would be. This one is a bit messy, expect to get black on your fingers if you touch it. It tastes sour but I found this a bit less sour than the other two, and it had more of a cheese flavour. Comparing it to cheese, this one is my favourite out of the three. Nice on toast or crackers.

Price: £10.50

Rating: 7.5/10



















2. Chives

It tastes quite sour with a creamy texture. Didn't taste the chives unless I actually got a bit with chives in it. It tastes ok on a cracker or toast, you get used to the sour taste, but I don't really like the sourness. Is cheese supposed to be sour I don't know?

Price: £8.00

Rating: 6.5/10



















3. Aged Cheddah

Same sour taste with not a heap of flavour, a slight sesame taste. Tastes better on toast. Or a cracker I would imagine. I wasn't crazy on cheese before going vegan like I know some people are. So these might excite some people, if you don't mind that sour kind of taste.

Price: £10.50

Rating: 6.5/10




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