Avicenna Bio Food

Avicenna Bio Food produce 100% organic, gluten free, raw, vegan, no added sugar, non-GMO and SO2 (sulfur dioxide) free snacks made from dried fruit and nuts and nothing else!

They produce "Fit Bar's" and "Fit disc's", both of these products consisting of completely natural dried fruit and chopped fresh nuts.

They also sell 100% dried apricots with nothing added and sulfur-free which I love!

They are certified for both the European and American market but you can buy them online from Amazon UK.

And from now up until 15/9 midnight you can use the code LAURENSALIU to get a 20% discount which applies for all Avicenna products on Amazon UK.

These completely natural dried Turkish apricots are some of the best I have tried. They taste quality and the taste and texture is amazing, they are almost caramel like! Dried apricots are also great for iron.

Fit Bar Apple

These snacks would be great for a child's lunch box or if you are craving something sweet but want to keep it healthy.

I love the completely natural ingredients! Naturally sweet with big dried apple pieces. Nice and chewy but soft texture.

This one tastes like sultanas and dried apples with a little crunch from the nuts, and is the sweetest out of the three Fit Bar's.


Fit Bar Strawberry

Tastes like fig and strawberries.

Has nice flavour and it's sweet with a bit of tartness.


Fit Bar Cherry

This one has more of a crunch from the nuts which I liked.

Sweet with a little tartness. And the flavour is more of a subtle cherry flavour.


Fit Disc Apricot

Basically tastes like dried apricot, and almost tastes caramel like, with some walnut pieces throughout.


Fit Disc Prune Walnut

This one's very chewy. It tastes like prunes with the odd walnut piece. Prunes are great for getting the digestion moving.


Fit Disc Apple Raisin Apricot

This one was very sweet! It has big dried apple bits throughout. A bit too sweet for me but if you are really craving something sweet this would definitely sort your craving out.


Fit Disc Fig Walnut

This one has quite a strong kind of taste, and little crunchy bits from the fig.


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