Bio&Me was created by "The Gut Health Doctor", Dr Megan Rossi, a registered dietitian and nutritionist. Their goal is to bring clarity and credibility to the world of gut health, and they are the only granola around that is claimably 'good for your gut'!

Bio&Me are approved from EFSA (European Food Safety Authority, who thoroughly checks that health claims are based on scientific evidence).

Bio&Me is the UK's first dedicated, evidence-based gut health food company.

They believe that people and microbes thrive on variety and deliciously good food. That's why they have packed their granolas with 15 different types of plants!

Their granola sells for £3.99 on their website. You can also find them in Whole Foods, Planet Organic, Waitrose, Selfridges, Booths and As Nature Intended.

1. Super Seedy & Nutty

I was a little sceptical trying this granola because of the unusual ingredients, like dried carrot and chickpeas. But I was pleasantly surprised!

Their granola is crunchy, which is a must for granola in my opinion. Their granola is also nice and chunky, this one I found bigger chunks than the other two, but I loved chunky granola! Darker in colour and very crunchy, crunchiest out of the three. A little chewy at the same time but not as chewy as the 'Low Sugar' one. You can always let it soak in mylk for a little bit before eating to soften it up. It was the sweetest out of the three but not overly sweet. It's sweet from the dates, so it has a subtle date/caramel flavour. I loved the flavour!

Their granola is great to eat on it's own with mylk, yoghurt or on top of smoothie bowls. My gut also definitely loved it as I have no bloating etc after eating it and I feel nice and light yet satisfied.


2. Apple & Cinnamon

The cinnamon smell is delicious. There are dried apple pieces in this one. Nice and crunchy and less chewy than the others. Nice and sweet, I would say the sweetness is in the middle of the three flavours. A nice, natural cinnamon flavour and not overpowering. Loved it!


3. Low Sugar

At first bite I thought it had a subtle maple syrup flavour even though that's not one of the ingredients but I liked it. The more you eat it though the maple flavour disappears.

Nice and crunchy. All the natural ingredients came together well to make a subtle but delicious flavour. This one isn't sweet but I still found it was naturally sweet, if you have a big sweet tooth you probably won't find it sweet but you can always add your own sweetener.

You'd think it would taste weird having carrot etc in your granola, but you can't even taste it. Although I found some ingredients to be a little too chewy in this one.


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