Blue Dinosaur Bars

Now that I'm back home in Australia for a while I couldn't resist reviewing Blue Dinosaur bars.

They make paleo snack bars made with organic and natural ingredients including organic coconut, dates, nuts and sulphur free organic fruit. They are gluten, soy and dairy free, containing no preservatives, added sugars, colours, stabilisers, flavours, or anything artificial. They do well getting the flavours right. The main ingredient in their bars is coconut.

As well as trying their main bars I have also tested their NEW Super Bite bars.

Price: around $3.45 each

Super Bites around $2.90 each

1. Lamington

This is my favourite flavour! If you don't know what a Lamington is, it's a popular Australian dessert. It's like a sponge cake with chocolate and coconut on the outside. This pretty much tastes like a Lamington! Just without the sponge. Most of these bars are quite crumbly actually. But this tasted so good! This one is my favourite. If only it was a bit less crumbly it would be perf.

Rating: 9/10

2. Banana Bread

This one is chewy and not crumbly. It tastes like banana bread, maybe a bit too coconuty. But nice flavours.

Rating: 8/10

3. Dark Cacao

Definitely dark cacao. This bar holds together better. It is a little bitter from the cacao. Still sweet though. You can taste the pecans. Being Blue Dinosaurs only chocolate flavour I almost wanted it to be a bit more chocolate.. Maybe their next flavour? I actually discovered two little date pit bits in my mouth while I was eating it so be careful. They do mention to be careful of that on their packaging! At least you know it's natural AF.

Rating: 7/10

4. Blueberry

This has a slight blueberry flavour. Not too much going on but overall it was tasty and sweet.

Rating: 7/10

5. Sour Cherry

This bar is also a bit denser. I have to say Blue Dinosaur do well getting the flavours right. There is a little sourness. You can taste the sour cherry and coconut equally. Light flavours, nothing overpowers, and the cherry flavour tastes natural.

Rating: 7/10

6. Mac' Lemon

Great soft flavours. Natural lemon flavour. Lemon and coconut go extremely well together. If you love lemon flavoured snacks you'll love this one.

Rating: 8/10

7. The Brazilian

This bars is chewier. The main taste is Brazil nuts and dates. I found it a bit boring but it's good for what it is. And a plus is that you get all your selenium from this bar.

Rating: 7/10

8. Wild Apricot

I personally didn't like the ginger flavour in this bar. There was a slight apricot flavour, the ginger overpowered the apricot. If you like ginger though, you will like this bar.

Rating: 6/10

9. Cacao Mint

This tasted a bit like a candy cane. It was a bit too minty for me, and very crumbly. If you love minty flavours though you'll probably like it.


Now on to their new Super Bites bars!

These little bites seem small but they are actually quite dense and filling. And I love how each bar says what it's for like "antioxidant", "immunity", or "boost" from the espresso flavour.

1. Himalayan Choc

Ingredients: Sulphur free organic coconut, dates, raw organic cacao, organic cacao butter, himalayan rock salt.

The bars are way more solid than the other ones, but I find that if Blue Dinosaur bars get a bit warm then they become more crumbly, it must be because of the coconut oil.

It tastes sweet and basically just like chocolate and coconut. All the bars have desiccated coconut bits in them. I like it!

Rating: 7.5/10

2. Passionfruit

Ingredients: Sulphur free organic coconut, dates, passionfruit 5%, organic coconut oil.

You can really taste the passionfruit, it tastes so natural. I like that this flavour is different. It's sweet and you get tiny bits from the blended passionfruit seeds it feels like which you know it's natural alright.

Rating: 7/10

3. Acai Berries

Ingredients: Sulphur free organic coconut, dates, blueberry, strawberry, acai berry 3%, organic coconut oil.

I couldn't really taste the acai. It just tasted like coconut oil, dates and coconut. It's sweet, it's ok I think it could have done with a bit more acai in it.

Rating: 6/10

4. Espresso

Ingredients: Sulphur free organic coconut, dates, fair trade espresso beans 6%, MCT oil.

There are real espresso beans in this so it tasted a bit strange and basically like you're eating as espresso shot. I wasn't a fan of the flavour. It's still sweet and not bitter though I was surprised with that. This flavour is great on-the-go if you can't get your hands on a coffee!

Rating: 6/10

5. Matcha Greens

Ingredients: Sulphur free organic coconut, dates, organic coconut oil, spirulina, barley grass, matcha 2%.

This one kind of grossed me out I wasn't expecting the strong hit of green flavours! It's sweet but you can really taste the spirulina and barley grass, not really the matcha. It doesn't have the best after-taste. But if you're looking for a quick health boost then eat this up!

Rating: 6/10

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