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Chika's Snacks

CHIKA'S makes West African inspired snacks such as flavoured and spiced nuts and crisps.

CHIKA'S sources the highest quality ingredients, from their individually selected plantains, to their toasted peanuts that are prepared entirely by hand by farmers in Nigeria. They go the extra mile to provide quality and consistency.

Their nuts and crisps make for great party snacks!

You can buy their snacks on their website or in Waitrose, Holland & Barrett, Whole Foods or online on Ocado.

Chika's Smoked Almonds

1. Smoked Almonds


Almonds, rapeseed oil, salt, dextrose, rice flour, sugar, yeast powder, yeast extract powder, smoked paprika, black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, smoke flavouring, paprika, citric acid.

I'm not the biggest fan of any unnatural ingredients but I'll be reviewing a couple of these for their taste, and these ones were probabaly my favourite out of the lot taste-wise.

They were delicious. Lovely smokey flavour with a hint of sweet and salty, and nice crunch from being roasted. I would definitely bring these to my next party gathering.

Price: 41g £1.99 or 130g £3.59

Rating: 8/10

Chika's Black Pepper Cashews

2. Black Pepper Cashews


Cashews, sea salt, black pepper, rice flour, maltodextrin, tapioca and/or maize starch, sugar, lemon powder, natural flavourings.

These were the melt in your mouth, creamy type of cashews. Lovely black pepper flavour, not overpowering and with that hint of spice. Delish!

Price: 41g £1.99 or 130g £3.59

Rating: 8/10

Chika's Chilli & Lime Nut Mix

3. Chilli & Lime Nut Mix


Peanuts (40%) cashews (24%), salt, sugar, starch (tapioca and/or maize), spices (cayenne, cardamom, ginger, cumin), natural flavourings, herbs (parsley, basil), onion powder, yeast extract powder, yeast powder, dried bell pepper, rice flour, citric acid, garlic powder, malic acid, lime juice powder, natural colour: chlorophyll.

Lot's of lovely flavours. Mild spiciness. I could taste the cumin, it kind of had mild curry-like flavours going on. I could also taste hints of the lime which was great, more on some nuts than others.

Price: 41g £1.49 130g £3.59

Rating: 7.5

Chika's Sun Roasted Redskin Peanuts

4. Sun Roasted Redskin Peanuts


Handtoasted peanuts with skin (99%), salt (1%).

Some peanuts were a little hard and had a bitter aftertaste, but peanuts none the less.

Price: 41g £1.99

Rating: 6/10

Chika's Lightly Salted Plantain Crisps

5. Lightly Salted Plantain Crisps


Plantain, sunflower oil, salt.

These are a great snack. Hint of sweetness and very crunchy which I loved. Some were a little chewy from being slightly overcooked than others which were darker in colour. I think if they were just a little less cooked they would be perfect, but they were still pretty good.

Price: 35g £1.49

Rating: 6/10

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