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Clive's Pies

Clive’s make pies from their bakery situated on the top floor of a converted woollen mill in Buckfastleigh, South Devon.

Nearly all of their pies are vegan and they have just added a new range of vegan tarts into the mix. Their other products include vegan pasty's and rolls, nut roasts, vegan ready-meals and a range of gluten free cakes.

All their products are organic and vegetarian and free from artificial flavours and preservatives.

The majority of their products are gluten and wheat free. It's also super cute that the end ingredient on all their packaging is love!

I just have to say one thing about these products. When I put them in the oven for the correct amount of time (I even put the oven temp to the non-fan oven temperature when I actually cook on fan) they still don't come out of the oven that hot, sometime's even lukewarm. So I advice you to put the temperature on the hotter setting stated on the packaging and leave it in the oven for maybe 5-10 minutes more than it says.

You can shop for their pies in Waitrose and independent health food stores around the UK. Use their store locator to find a shop near you!

I have tried a few of their pies, tarts and nut roast, so let's get into the review!

Clive's Pies Greek Lentil & Olive
Clive's Pies Greek Lentil & Olive Nutritional Value & Ingredients

1. Greek Lentil & Olive

Nice saltiness, lovely crust flavour and lot's of variety of fillings and also a nice amount of fillings. The olives go really well too! So yummy I loved this one.


Clive's Pies Creamy Mushroom

Clive's Pies Creamy Mushroom Nutritional Value & Ingredients

2. Creamy Mushroom

Nice flavour of mushrooms and nice amount of fillings. Creamy but not sickly. Super yummy I also loved this one!


Clive's Pies Aloo Gobi

Clive's Pies Aloo Gobi Nutritional Value & Ingredients

3. Aloo Gobi

There were a nice amount of fillings which were veggies, potatoes, peas. I'm not a huge fan of strong Indian style spices but I really liked this! The flavours weren't overpowering and to my surprise there is no coriander inside so that is always a plus for me! The gluten-free crust also tastes really nice and wasn't hard like some gluten-free crusts can be. Nice saltiness but not too salty. Loved it!


Clive's Vegan Nut Roast

Clive's Vegan Nut Roast Nutritional Value & Ingredients

4. Nut Roast

Nice texture, not crumbly and holds together well but it's also not super dry. The flavour is delicious, similar the flavour of stuffing with some soft crunch from the brazil nuts. This would be such a great alternative to a turkey or lamb for Xmas or other festive seasons or with a Sunday roast!


Clive's Tart Lentil & Kale Ragout with Cranberry
Clive's Tart Lentil & Kale Ragout with Cranberry Nutritional Value & Ingredients

5. Lentil & Kale Ragout with Cranberry

This has a little garlic flavour to it, there are some onions inside which gives nice flavour, quite salty but that also gives good flavour. It kind of has one flavour though so not super exciting but the flavour itself is delicious. There also were't too many cranberries and you can't really taste them which I personally liked.


Clive's Tart Bombay Vegetables with Daal Nutritional Value & Ingredients

Clive's Tart Bombay Vegetables with Daal Nutritional Value & Ingredients

6. Bombay Vegetables with Daal

This had nice Indian flavours, mildly spicy and a little creamy. Interesting to have these flavours in a tart but it did taste nice. As I'm personally not a huge fan of strong Indian spices I wasn't too into this but if you love that then you should enjoy this.