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Dairy-Free Yoghurts

Dairy-Free Yoghurt

Ok, if there is one thing I could wish for, food wise, it would be to have a vegan yoghurt that exactly resembles the taste of greek yoghurt! One of absolute favourite breakfasts, that I literally had every morning, like I looked forward to it, was oats mixed with natural greek yoghurt and honey, and fruit on the side, like banana, strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, passionfruit, and juicy medal dates. Especially the oats and yoghurt combo with banana and dates was SO delicious! To be honest, giving up yoghurt, I have really been missing that breakfast, and I am still in search of an amazing vegan alternative!

There are some amazing brands out there that taste delish, but it is just not the same in my opinion. So if anyone invents one or finds one, hit me up!

I took a trip to Planet Organic in London and picked a few of the usual non-dairy alternative flavours of yoghurt: soy, coconut, cashew and almond.

1. Alpro Simply Plain Soy

The soy is my number one pick for the fact that it is probably the most versatile and it's affordable. It tastes good on pancakes, with granola, muesli, porridge. It's more runnier than normal greek yoghurt, but I have found during this taste testing that most dairy free yoghurts are. The colour is a bit yellowy compared to greek yoghurt. It has a slight soy taste and is sweet because of the added sugar, but also has a bit of acidity. The ingredients aren't too bad, and could do without the added sugar, although there is only 2g per 100g serving which is pretty good. Going from greek yoghurt to soy, you definitely get used to it.

Price: 500g £1.50

Rating: 8/10

2. Alpro Go On Plain Soy

Alpro have recently brought out their "Go On" range, and there are also different flavours such as passionfruit, blackcurrant, and strawberry-raspberry. This one tastes the same as Alpro Simply Plain, but now it's thicker and has a texture like greek yoghurt, woo! Except it's not as smooth as greek yoghurt is. Compared to Alpro Simply Plain this one has a bit higher percentage of soy beans and protein. I was excited when they brought this one out for the thickness, bit I actually still prefer the original one. Maybe the fact that there is more soy in this one makes the difference.

Price: 400g £1.50

Rating: 8/10

3. CO YO Vanilla Bean

Ok, I know I'm doing all plain yoghurts here, but this one is my favourite coconut yoghurt so I thought I would throw it in. And who doesn't love vanilla flavoured anything?

I love CO YO. They had the thickest yoghurt out of all the brands I tried, but it is a bit pricey. It's a coconut yoghurt, obviously. It is a very nice bright white colour and you can see the tiny spotty vanilla beans. It is made with simple, natural ingredients which is what I love. This coconut yoghurt is delish and goes well with a lot of things, but coconut can tend to be a bit overpowering so it is not as versatile as soy yoghurt. But it's still delicious. You don't need added sweetener with this one because it already has a naturally sweet taste. It can definitely be used as a dessert as well.

Price: 400g £4.99 | 125g £2.15

Rating: 9.5/10

4. COYO Natural

This one tasted the same as the vanilla one, still sweet, just without the vanilla flavour, and with the same thickness. It keeps it's strong coconut flavour no matter what you eat it with. If you are interested in calories, it has way more than other yoghurts because it is from the milk of a coconut. It has 183 calories per 100g where as alpro plain soy has 50 calories per 100g. So that is a big difference. Still good, healthy fats though!

Price: 400g £4.99 | 125g £2.15

Rating: 9.5/10

5. Sojade Soy Natural

At first this has a strong soy taste, and you're like "woah", but then it fades as you get used to it and tastes creamy, kind of similarISH to greek yoghurt you could say. It's a little thicker than Alpro Simply Plain yoghurt but still not as thick as greek yoghurt. It looks a bit lumpy bit once you mix it and eat it it doesn't taste lumpy at all. I feel like it tastes a bit too much like soy, but I think you would get used to that and it would get better, as taste buds adapt.

Price: 400g £1.45 | 250g £0.95 | 125g £0.59

Rating: 7.5/10

6. The Coconut Collaborative

This didn't taste as rich as COYO, and I liked the coconut flavour of COYO better, probably because it was natural with no added ingredients, but this still tasted nice though. It's not as thick as COYO but still pretty thick, and creamy, and again, has a subtle naturally sweet taste from the coconut. Great with granola, muesli, overnight oats etc.

Price: 350g £3.45 | 125g £1.79

Rating: 7.5/10

7. Nush Cashew

This one was thickish, creamy, and had a slight taste of something? Guessing that is the cashews. At first I wasn't a fan but it gets better after the first couple of spoons, and the taste becomes more sour like the normal taste of yoghurt. One of my favourite snacks to have at night if I had the munchies was natural greek yoghurt mixed with some sort of healthy cereal flakes (bran flakes or fibre flakes), and honey. It tasted so good! And I tried this yoghurt mixed with cereal flakes and agave syrup and it tasted pretty similar! Not the same of course, but I guess taste buds adapt. I would probably only buy this one for that particular combo only.

Price: 350g £4.40 | 125g £2.15

Rating: 6/10

8. Nush Almond

I was not really a fan of this one. It was a bit too watery. You can taste the almonds, but there is this straight aftertaste which I'm no sure what it is exactly, but It tastes a bit artificial, which is weird because this is quite natural. Adding sweetener to it like agave improves it. I will probably be sticking to soy and coconut yoghurt.

Price: 350g £4.40 | 125g £2.15

Rating: 5/10

9. Abbot Kinney's Almond

Ok, this one I had to spit out after the first spoonful. I was not a fan at all! Maybe it was the fact that it is only made from 15% almonds. It is thicker than the Nush Almond, but a bit grainy. Adding a liquid sweetener actually improves it a lot though surprisingly. Has a bit of a funny aftertaste.

Price: 400g £4.99 | 125g £2.35

Rating: 2.5/10

Like I said, I have been missing greek yoghurt, particularly because of what I usually had it with is hard to find an alternative yoghurt for. So I am still in search of one that tastes as close as possible. Hopefully it will be in a future vegan yoghurts review!

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