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I went on a week trip to Marrakech, Morocco with my boyfriend, for a little adventure and exploration! Because why not? We made sure to look up some vegan restaurants/cafes before we left, to make life a little easier. Morocco isn't too difficult to find vegan food because they cook a lot of vegetables and of course there is hummus, with bread, vegetable tagine, couscous etc. Plus there are a lot of fruit stalls, and also nut and dried fruit stalls.

We ate at a couple of vegan cafes, one of them being Earth Cafe. It's close to the main square, through an ally of the soaks, which is their market, which is huge so best to look up the address before hand.

This cafe had a roof terrace and a nice vibe, and you feel good after eating the food. We ordered the spring rolls filled with pumpkin, spinach, carrot, with balsamic olive oil dressing. The veggie burger - seasonal veggies, lentils, rice, dry fruit in mango, coconut, ginger and fresh herb dressing. And the rice noodles - seasonal veggies, garlic, coconut, soy sauce and fresh herbs. And no it did not taste coconuty.

All the food was delicious! The pumpkin spring rolls could have done with a bit more flavour but they were still good. I wasn't a fan of the mango dressing on the burger personally because it had mint in it and I'm not a fan of mint in food, but they give you two burger patties stacked, and only put the dressing on the top one, so if you are like me you can just ask for no dressing or just swap the top burger with your boyfriend's bottom burger patty! Our favourite out of the three was the veggie burger, followed by the noodles, and then the spring rolls. We both thought the food was cooked with a bit too much oil, but they always cook their food with a lot of oil in Morocco. But still delicious! We came back here again another night to order the veggie burgers again.

The price was 70DH (Moroccon Dirhams) for each meal, so it came to 210DH, which is about £16.50. The food is quite cheap in Morocco.

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