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Emily Crisps

Emily Crisps

Emily Crisps make chips or "crisps" from different fruit and vegetables. Made healthy with literally 2 or 3 ingredients with no added sugar. They come in small packets and sharing size (80g) packets.

What I love about these crisps is the crunch!!! And it's a healthier alternative to regular crisps.

You can find these crisps in places such as Whole Foods, Planet Organic, Holland & Barrett, Sainsbury's, Emily Crisps online shop and Ocado.

Price: £1.19 - £2.79

Let's start with the savoury chips...

Sweet Potato, Carrot and Beetroot

You may have tried vegetable chips before these are pretty much the same thing. They taste great. The three veggies all taste pretty similar. Saltiness but not too salty. I love the crunch so much. If I had to choose my favourite savoury flavour I would probably go with this one, but seriously all of these crisps are great in their own way!

Rating: 8/10

French Beans, Sugar Snap Peas and Black Edamame

I love the variety of beans in this one. You can taste a slight flavour of the beans and peas. Very crunchy, nice saltiness. I especially love the flavour of the edamame! Great for a healthy snack over a packet of chips.

Rating: 8/10

On to the sweet flavours!


All these crisps kind of have their own different crunch to them! I love the taste of these ones. Natural yummy flavour, sweet and a nice crunch. This one and Red Apple are my favourite sweet flavours.

Rating: 8.5/10

Red Apple

Also love these! Perfectly sweet, crunchy, nice natural delicious apple flavour, what more can I say?

Rating: 8.5/10

Fig Banana

Nice natural banana flavour, sweet, amazing crunch. Love!


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