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Frill Frozen Smoothie

Frill is the perfect healthy alternative to ice cream! It is made from only whole fruits, vegetables and natural ingredients. It's like eating a creamy, delicious frozen smoothie!

Their products are dairy-free, gluten-free, high in fibre and made with no added sugars, sweeteners or artificial ingredients. And with only 59-85 calories per 100g this makes for the perfect healthy treat!

Frill is not just a healthy alternative to ice cream but you can also have it for breakfast and top it with fruit and nuts etc, you can thaw it to create a mousse, stir it into a smoothie, bake raw cheesecakes and much more! You can find inspiration and recipes on their website.

All of their fruit and vegetables are picked ripe and frozen immediately after harvest, which is the best way to preserve the full sun-ripened taste and nutrients. Their Frill's are both light and refreshing and have half the sugar of regular ice cream and ten times the fibre.

You can find Frill in Whole Foods, selected independent retailers nationwide and online at Ocado for £4.99 per large 500ml tub.

Frill Nutty Caramel

Frill Nutty Caramel Ingredients

1. Nutty Caramel

This is delicious for such healthy ingredients!

It tastes light and refreshing but still tastes like I am eating a (healthy) dessert. It has a bit of a caramel and peanut butter kind of flavour, the peanut butter flavour just at the beginning because there are some crunched peanuts at the top which was super yummy and adds great texture and crunch. I wished they had the nuts throughout it too as it would have kept that flavour, but it kept it's sweet caramel like flavour and is super yum! This also has the perfect sweetness, not too sweet but the sweetest out of all the Frill's. This would be so great to top with other delicious ingredients such as homemade vegan cookie dough or peanut butter cups! Now that would be a dessert!


Frill Intense Chocolate

Frill Intense Chocolate Ingredients

2. Intense Chocolate

Very smooth and chocolatey. Not very sweet more like a dark chocolate flavour. I really loved this flavour, it was delicious and would also go great with the Nutty Caramel!


Frill Bursting Berries

Frill Bursting Berries Ingredients

3. Bursting Berries

This has a creamy sorbet kind of texture. Just a little sweet and has a slight bitter aftertaste but it balances with the sweet. Lovely natural flavour of berries. Tastes like summer!


Frill Refreshing Green

Frill Refreshing Green Ingredients

4. Refreshing Green

You can see tiny spinach or mint bits in this Frill, but the texture is still smooth. Same as the Berry flavour only a little sweet with a slight bitter aftertaste, but balanced. It has a nice natural mint flavour, not overpowing at all, and the lemon also comes through a little. This is super refreshing!


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