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Go Vegan!

cute cows - go vegan

Start making yourself aware of what goes on in the meat and dairy industry. How it actually effects our health, our beautiful planet, and the horrendous, inhumane way animals are exploited. Society has made us believe, from birth, that we need to eat animals for protein, and cow's milk for calcium, when obviously we know now from studies and documentaries that this is nothing but a lie, and is actually detrimental to our health. Cancers and other illnesses, as well as asthma and eczema have actually been cured in just two weeks of eating a plant based diet.

One of the most asked questions to a vegan is, "but where do you get your protein?". There is more than enough protein and vitamins our body needs in plant foods.

vegan protein sources

vegan food pyramid

Side effects of going vegan:

  • Increased energy

  • Healthy, clear skin and hair

  • Slows the ageing process

  • Decreased PMS symptoms

  • Longer life

  • Weight loss

  • Prevents illnesses

  • Feeling happier knowing your are saving animals and the planet

  • Getting excited over vegan food

  • And so much more!

So many people are still unaware of any of these things, or don't want to make themselves aware because, I don't know, it might "ruin their food".

We need to come together to make this change. Watch documentaries like What the Health, Cowspiracy, Forks Over Knives, Earthlings, or "Dairy is Scary" on YouTube (graphic content).

We need to show compassion. And make change happen NOW. Check out a great vegan restaurant or cafe in your area. Search "what I eat in a day vegan" on YouTube and find some amazing vegan channels that give so many amazing ideas of what meals to make throughout the day.

Some of my favourite vegan YouTuber's are:

Maddie Lymburner:

Tess Begg:



Mariah Setta:

Liv B:


All of this is what helped me go vegan. It created a new level of awareness and opened my eyes. When watching "what I eat in a day vegan" videos on YouTube I actually thought what they were eating was so much more amazing looking and interesting than what I was eating as a non-vegan.

ego vs eco - go vegan

I am not just vegan for the animals. I am doing my part to help save our beautiful planet that we live on. The meat industry is one of the number one causes of global warming.

Basically, massive amounts of grain and water are fed to farmed animals which are then slaughtered and transported, and their flesh stored. Forests (which absorb greenhouse gases) are cut down in order to supply pastureland and grow crops for the farmed animals. The animals and all the manure that they produce release even more greenhouse gases into our atmosphere.

It just doesn't make any sense what so ever. And it confuzzles me (yes confuzzles), that we continue to ruin this amazing planet, our home, and exploit harmless animals.

Guys, there is literally an alternative for any non-vegan food these days, and we have established that you can get enough protein and vitamins from plant foods, also making them taste delicious!! So there is no reason what so ever to be eating animal products. Hence the reason I started this blog to show you guys and make it easier for you!

I have so much more variety of foods in my diet now, and I am feeling amazing in body and mind! I am actually eating a wider range of different foods now that I'm vegan! It really creates a shift on an energetic level.


cute cow

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