Henna Art Cafe Marrakech

Yeah sorry my boyfriend and I kind of already starting eating before I took the photo.. oops.

So this cafe is pretty much next to Earth Cafe (Earth Cafe in previous post), so that saved looking around for this one. We sat on the roof terrace which was nice, and gives a nice vibe.

We ordered the lentil and rice dish, couscous tabouli, couscous with vegetables, and we were already given bread and olives as we sat down. The meals where all 30DH (Moroccon Dirhams) each, except the couscous and vegetables which were 40DH, so it all came to 130DH, which is about £10. Cheap!

We enjoyed the food here. I just stayed away from the tabouli because there was mint in it and possibly coriander I'm not sure but I'm not a great fan of mint in food and coriander is a no go for me, but the other stuff was nice and the bread was really nice, and great to eat with the hummus and the lentil dish. Plus it being so cheap is great. Food is generally pretty cheap in Morocco.

I personally preferred Earth Cafe (the other cafe we ate at next door), I found the food more exciting there, but my boyfriend wanted to eat at Henna Art again, probably because it was cooked with less oil than in Earth Cafe.

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