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How You Can Keep Productive Through this Self-Isolation Period

How to keep productive through this self-isolation period rawsome reviews

The Coronavirus has taken the world by storm. Now is a time to become comfortable in the unknown. To completely let go and trust the Universe and higher intelligence. It's a time to go within to self-reflect and self-care. To not only spend time with your quarantines but with yourself.

We are forced to stop and be with ourselves which most of us like to distract from. You might find you hear and recognise your own thoughts and feelings. Learn to be still with it.

Maybe you can become creative and productive and explore the things you never had a chance to before!

I personally feel more of a connection with others at this time as we are all going through the same thing and we are realising we're all in this together xx

It's important to keep that close connection with family, friends, and those going through the same thing. Thank god for the internet right?!

How to keep productive through this self-isolation period rawsome reviews



HIIT, yoga, pilates.. There are many videos you can follow along to on YouTube. A couple that I love are Boho Beautiful yoga/pilates and MadFit.

I have also just recently uploaded an at home abs workout (find it below!), and I have more real-time at home workouts on my YouTube channel.

If you have a park or beach nearby or even just the streets then go for a daily run or walk to keep your fitness up, release those endorphins and get some fresh air! (Keeping social distance of course). This obviously applies to those cities who aren't in full lockdown! But you can still enjoy those home workouts.

MEDITATE or breath work

This is the perfect time to get into a meditation routine. There are so many positive benefits of meditation on our body and mind. There are many guided meditations on YouTube and other apps as well as for breath work. Conscious breath is especially important right now, and puts into perspective how we never really take notice of our full capacity to breath - full, clear and with ease.

I usually love to meditate fasted, in silence and after my workout in the morning before I have breakfast and begin my day with a clear mind and in a calm, high-vibe state.


Sing, dance, ecstatic dance, draw, paint, read, write, write a song, play that instrument you haven't touched in years, blog, start a YouTube channel, bake, create a vision board, learn a new language, journal.


Alot of people neglect their true needs. Reconnect with yourself and your body and maybe self-pamper, have a bath with essential oils, candles and forest sounds (same goes for the shower if you don't have a bath), journal your goals, dreams and desires and how you can begin achieving them, and if you are missing human touch and connection through this self-isolation period then show yourself some love!

Most importantly stay positive, optimistic and grateful - it's all we have the power to do and it will help keep the collective vibrations high! #quaranQUEENS

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