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Hurraw! Lip Balm

Hurraw lip balm is made with vegan, natural, raw, organic, sustainable and fair trade ingredients.

They use oils from nuts, seeds, fruit and coconut, and completely natural flavours.

I'm happy I discovered this brand. This lip balms is long lasting, smooth, moisturising, doesn't melt and has great natural flavour! They have so many different flavours and basically every flavour you could think of. They're flavours basically taste/smell exactly what they say they are. When on the lips they have a mild taste but I like that.

Hurraw! Lip Balm

The Chai Spice smells like cardamon and no it is not spicy or tingly on the lips. It has that chia spice flavour, I find it a bit odd though.

The Tangerine Chamomile spf 15 goes a bit white on your lips giving them a light pink/purple lipstick look, if you like that? It still looks good and protects your lips from the raze! And has a nice tangerine flavour.

The Boabab Banana smells like banana, yum!

The Papaya Pineapple was like a juicy pineapple!

And you can imagine what the Cherry one smells/tastes like if you have used a cherry flavoured lip balm or lip gloss before, and it gives a really nice light, natural tint of red on the lip, I loved it!

Even the Unscented lip balm is great.

I love the Vanilla (It's my favourite one) and the Moon Blue Chamomile Vanilla balm, I use that at night before I go to sleep. Chamomile calms the body and promotes sleep and also helps in clearing up skin irritations such as eczema, acne, and allergies.

I always used to use PawPaw ointment on my lips, and people are still crazy over it, but I found it dried out my lips more and I had to continuously apply it, but I don't with this lip balm. Hurraw is definitely now my go-to lip balm.

You can find Hurraw in Whole Foods, Planet Organic, on their online shop and more.

Price: £3.79 - £4.99

Hurraw! Lip Balm Ingredients

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