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Land & Tide

Land & Tide Cold Brew Coffee

Land & Tide make on-the-go cold brew coffee and mocha.

They use cold brew coffee which is slowly brewed in cold water for over 18 hours, giving a low acidic and smooth flavour. It's 100% vegan with no added sugar or dairy, free from soya, nuts or GMOs, made in the UK.

Their packaging is 100% recyclable and they deliberately use no plastic straws with their cartons. You simply lift the tab to enjoy.

You can shop their products on their website, Ocado, Amazon, The Vegan Kind, GreenBay and in Sourced Market in St Pancras.

They sell for £2 each and 12 x 250ml on their website for £24.

Land & Tide Oat Iced Coffee

1. Oat Iced Coffee

Ingredients: Cold Brew Coffee (67%), Oat Drink (Water, Oats (9%)), Organic Rice

I love the clean ingredients they use! It's not sweet but rice is naturally sweet so I thought it added enough sweetness, if you don't have a big sweet tooth when it comes to coffee..

I love the quality coffee flavour. It's strong enough unlike most on-the-go packaged coffees similar to this, but not too strong which is also great. It's creamy enough without being too creamy or too watery.

Loved it! It's a great on-the-go iced coffee option! Can I also mention how cute the packaging is!

Take note the caffeine content is quite high. A usual double espresso shot of coffee contains 126mg of caffeine. In this 250ml carton contains 170mg! And the Oat Iced Mocha contains 175mg. I felt like having this drink with its high caffeine content without expelling enough energy was probably a bit much for me. It could be great as a pre workout drink.

Rating: 7.5/10

Land & Tide Oat Iced Mocha

2. Oat Iced Mocha

Ingredients: Cold Brew Coffee (69%), Oat Drink (Water, Oats (9%)), Organic Rice, Fat-Reduced Cocoa Powder (1%)

I could taste just a hint of the chocolate and the cocoa powder left a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth. It was still yum but I preferred the original oat iced coffee.

Rating: 6/10

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