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Natural Cycles


I was on the pill for around seven years before I stopped taking it at the beginning of 2017 (also around the time I went vegan), because I wanted to stop putting unnatural hormones into my body, and I had no idea what it was really doing to my body.

Once I stopped the pill I didn’t get my period again for nearly two years, which shows how out of whack the natural rhythm of my body was.

I went to the docs and a gynaecologist and after a few tests and a scan I was absolutely fine, so I just trusted that my body was intelligent enough to return to its natural rhythm when the time was right.

So, I eventually got my period, randomly, when I never really changed anything about my routine or diet, but for another year and a bit it was never regular or would return every few months.

I wanted to track my cycle naturally using the old school way of taking my temperature every morning and now putting it into an app to help prevent pregnancy, but that was pretty hard when my period was irregular or non existent.

I also read the book ‘Taking Charge of Your Fertility’ by Toni Weschler, which I highly recommend if you want to get to know the signs your body gives you during your cycle and around ovulation.

Now since four months I have (randomly) had my period regularly!!! So I decided to try Natural Cycles to start tracking my cycle naturally.

Natural Cycles

Natural Cycles is the first and ​only​ FDA cleared birth control app and is a great alternative for women looking for a natural and effective alternative to hormonal birth control.

How it Works:

  • There are only certain days of the month you are fertile and can get pregnant so the app is powered by an algorithm that is able to identify your daily fertility status based on your basal body temperature, which you should take first thing in the morning just after you have woken up, before getting out of bed.

  • There is a key link between fertility and body temperature. This is because right after ovulation​ happens in the ​menstrual cycle​, there is a noticeable rise in basal body temperature.

  • Each morning, you measure your basal body temperature with a Natural Cycles thermometer that has two decimal points.

  • Once you put your temperature into the app, Natural Cycles gives you a red or green day depending on if you are fertile and can or cannot get pregnant.

Green day: You are not fertile and do not need to use protection during intercourse.

Red days: You are fertile and should use protection during intercourse.

  • You can also track your moods, cervical mucus, and more right within the app.

Natural Cycles


  • When choosing a birth control method, it’s important to understand how effective it is as there is no birth control method that is 100% effective.

  • When used perfectly, Natural Cycles is 98% effective. Perfect use means not having unprotected sex on red days. Natural Cycles is 93% effective with typical use - which accounts for all possible reasons.

Natural Cycles

Natural Cycles can also be used to plan pregnancy, when and if you are ready. When you switch from “prevent” to “plan” you can plan a pregnancy faster. Women who had previously used Natural Cycles had an average “time to pregnancy” TTP of 85 days vs women who had previously used hormonal contraception with an average TTP of 146 days.


Use my code 'laurensaliu' at Natural Cycles to get 20% off an annual Natural Cycles subscription + a free thermometer.


Users must be over the age of 18

Does not protect against STIs (only barrier methods, such as condoms, prevent STIs)

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