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Ooomega flax drink

This is an interesting milk. I had never actually tried flaxseed milk before trying this brand, "Ooomega". This is a sustainable company based in the Netherlands and selling in the UK.

This drink is great for people who want to get those extra omega-3's. I do personally have a tbsp of flaxseed meal in my breakfast bowl every morning, but like I said added omega-3! And also if you have an allergy to soy or nuts this milk is a great alternative. In 100mg of this drink you get 500mg of omega-3, even though there is only 9% flaxseeds that's surprising. There is also 100mg of calcium and these drinks are low in sugar and calories.

This milk may be better in porridge, cereal, muesli or smoothies. I tried it in tea and it curdled and was quite watery.

You can find these drinks on, Holland and Barrett and Waitrose selling for £1.99-£2.99.

Ooomega flax drink Original
Ooomega flax drink Original Nutritional Values


These drinks are quite thick and sort of creamy, in a gluggy sort of way? Not as creamy and smooth as most soy and other brands of milks I have tried. I couldn't taste flaxseed at all. It tasted quite good but had a bit of an unnatural kind of taste because there are added flavourings etc. But it still tasted quite nice, I'm just more into natural milks with minimal ingredients.

Rating: 6/10

Ooomega flax drink Original Sweetened
Ooomega flax drink Original Sweetened Nutritional Values

Original Sweetened

This one is for anyone who has a sweet tooth. Although I didn't find it too much sweetener than the unsweetened one anyway. They are all just a little sweet not overly sweet. This one tasted the same as the Original just with a bit of a stronger flavour

Rating: 6/10

Ooomega flax drink Macchiato
Ooomega flax drink Macchiato Nutritional Values


If you were to buy a coffee flavoured drink in a supermarket or convenience store it would probably taste similar to this, but this would be less sweet and sickly. This one is great if you want a coffee flavoured smoothie or smoothie bowl.

Rating: 6/10

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