I discovered this brand at The Allergy and Free From Show in London. They make meat alternatives made from soybeans. They are a Swedish brand and sell their product in stores around the Nordic region, but they are coming out in Wholefoods in London this September!

The ingredients aren't too bad, but in some of them they add things like dextrose etc, which is a downside if you are like me and care about certain ingredients you are putting into your body, but what can you do sometimes? They have nine different varieties and flavours, like, Pulled Oumph, which I'm guessing is like pulled pork, Thyme & Garlic, Salty & Smokey, The Chunk, The Strip, which are all similar to chicken. I tried the "Pulled Oumph" at the show in London and I couldn't believe how much it tasted like meat and the texture as well. It was kind of freaking me out. I kind of realised how much tofu seemed normal and delicious to me after not having meat for so long.

This brand is perfect for transitioning vegans and to make it easier for the general public to start moving away from meat. And is also great to take to a barbecue so you don't feel left out if everyone else are meat eaters. It also has a great amount of protein to carbs ratio, for example some of the flavours, like the plain one, per 100g portion is about 82 calories, 15g protein and 0 carbs, wow! Also, if you need some inspiration on how to cook with their 'meats', they have a lot of recipes on their website. I have four flavours here that I have tried, out of nine...

1. Thyme & Garlic

This has nice flavours to it. All the flavours were nicely balanced and nothing was overpowering. It had a nice amount of salt and wasn't too salty. It has a similar, chewyish texture to chicken, and also soft. Chicken can be chewier. This tasted really nice with basmati rice and ketchup.

Rating: 8/10

2. Pulled Oumph

This is basically like barbecue meat. It tastes pretty good, it has a bit of a sweet and salty flavour with some spice from the cayenne pepper, and does get more spicey the more you eat it! It doesn't taste like a particular meat because it's made from soy, but if you didn't know it was vegan you would probably ask.. "what meat is this?". I had this with corn chips, mashed avocado and onions cooked in a barbecue style sauce (ketchup and soy sauce), and all three together tasted great! This would also taste good in tacos or tortillas. I must say though, I do personally feel better and lighter after eating tofu or something clean like that.

Rating: 7/10

4. The Chunk

This one only has 3 ingredients. Water, 23% soy protein (from soybeans), and salt. It basically looks like chicken and the texture is the same. It is really quite genius, but it felt kind of weird to be eating it. It didn't really smell or taste like much at all, you probably need to season this one well with whatever seasonings and flavours you like. I mixed it with some rice and tamari, paprika, garlic, spring onion, black pepper and pink himalayan salt, and added greens and corn on the side. It was pretty good but also kind of grossed me out as I was eating it? I still prefer my tamari baked tofu, and still think tofu has more of a flavour. Make sure you flavour it well.

Rating: 7/10

5. Kebab Spiced

My boyfriend cooked this one up. I stayed away from it because it has coriander in it #teamnocoriander. It smelt like a curry or maybe like chicken tikka masala. My boyfriend tasted it and I had a taste of an edge that looked like it had no green on it.. We both didn't like it, and my boyfriend is also a fan of Indian food. It had curry flavours and was also spicey. I really don't know why this one is called Kebab?? If you are a massive fan of Indian spices you might like it.

Rating: 2/10


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