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Perk!er make snack bars made with puffed quinoa, nuts, seeds and dried fruit. These are a healthier alternative to processed snack bars and also great to pop into kids' lunch box!

They are vegan, gluten and wheat free, low GI, packed with protein and fibre and a great source of energy.

You can find their products in supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsbury's, Morrisons, ASDA, in Whole Foods and Holland & Barrett and online from Amazon and Ocado.

Price per bar: £0.75

Box of 3: £2.00

Perkier Coconut & Chia

1. Coconut & Chia

I love the texture of all these bars, they have a nice chew with some crunch from the puffed quinoa. If you have a sweet tooth they are pretty sweet too, but not a sickly sweet.

This bar tastes buttery, I'm guessing from the coconut/coconut oil. This one is super yummy! And great for a healthy burst of energy whilst on-the-go.


Perkier Peanut

2. Peanut

Nice crunch and chewy texture. The raisins kind of caramelised making the bar taste a bit like caramel. Nice peanut chucks throughout the bar. I almost wanted it to have less raisins as it took away a bit from the peanut flavour, but it was still yummy!


Perkier Cacao & Cashew

3. Cacao & Cashew

This wasn't as chocolatey as I thought it would taste and quite sweet. But who doesn't like anything chocolate right?


Perkier Oaty Cranberry & Cashew

4. Oaty Cranberry & Cashew

This one is more chewy with less crunch. It tastes like a flapjack, and very sweet. I had this one for breakfast with a smoothie when I was in a rush and it was a bit too sweet for breakfast but still yummy! There are cashew pieces, raisins and cranberries throughout the bar.


Perkier Goji & Cranberry

5. Goji & Cranberry

This one is very fruity. There are dried cranberries and goji berries throughout. Chewy and sweet with a bit of crunch. It was really yummy.


Perkier Cashew, Chia & Pumpkin Seed

6. Cashew, Chia & Pumpkin Seed

Chewy and crunchy. Quite sweet. It had almost like a nice toasted flavour to it. Again, some raisins throughout the bar keeping that fruitiness. Another yummy bar.


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