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Plant-Based Artisan are a vegan and ethical company that produce vegan honey (honea) and caramels (which will be coming soon).

There are three different flavours of honey. The base is sugar along with a few other natural ingredients. I love the flavour of these but personally I do like to stick to natural sugars.

You can buy these from their online store or in Planet Organic sold for £6.00/£6.50 each.

1. Orange Blossom

The taste of these Honea's is crossed between agave and honey. Not quite like honey but a great alternative. I prefer this flavour to agave. It actually has a similar texture to honey maybe just a little runnier but thicker than other liquid sweeteners. This one has more of a neutral sweet flavour with a bit of life from the orange blossom. It's also great that they have serving suggestions on the back of each Honea.


2. Fennel Seed

If you don't like fennel don't worry because you can't really taste it, just a little! They made this well, although I wish it could have been made with natural sugar, but in moderation is ok!


3. Lavender

You can tell that it is infused with Lavender. You can taste the lovely subtle flavour. This would be great for baking with.


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