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Pulsin Bars

Pulsin Bars

I am a sucker for natural ingredients, low and natural sugars, that also tastes delicious! Which is what Pulsin bars are. Pulsin use sustainable ingredients and packaging, and are ethical, which is what I love about them. Plus I'm loving their recent, new packaging! And the fact that they also sell protein bars. Pulsin have a range of products like brownie bars, protein booster bars, protein powders, and fruit bars. They are not 100% vegan as they do sell a whey protein bar and whey protein powders. But they mostly sell vegan products.

The price for each 50g bar is £1.75.

Pulsin Bar Peanut Choc Chip

1. Peanut Choc Chip

My favourite! Smells like chocolate and peanuts. It has a lot of small peanut pieces in it which gives it a nice crunchy texture within the softish brownie texture. It's not as soft as a brownie, they are all quite firm, but that is perfect for a bar. It has a rich chocolatey and peanut flavour and is nice and sweet. This one is delish!

Rating: 9.5/10

Pulsin Protein Bar Mint Choc Chip

2. Mint Choc Chip

This literally smells like an Arnott's Mint Slice (if you have ever had one), or a mint chocolate biscuit. There are a few chocolate chips inside. It has a nice smooth texture. It has the perfect balance of mint and chocolate, and the mint is not overpowering. It has a nice minty aftertaste but not too strong which is what I don't like. And you can't taste the protein flavour which you can in a couple of the other protein booster bars.

I'd prefer a chocolate flavour over mint as I am not keen on that minty aftertaste after a snack, but this is great for what it is!

Rating: 8.8/10

5. Maple & Peanut

Smells of peanuts. Has lot's of peanut pieces throughout the bar. It's sweet, a bit floury from the protein, but to be honest I didn't notice that the second time I ate this. You can really taste the maple syrup flavour and it balances well with the peanuts.

Rating: 8/10

Pulsin Protein Bar Vanilla Choc Chip

3. Vanilla Choc Chip

This one has a slight artificial smell from the protein, but it's really the taste that matters. It looks very appealing, there are white cashew bits and chocolate chunks all throughout the bar. It tastes nice and sweet, could have possibly been a bit sweeter, depends on every individual's sweet tooth really. You can taste the protein a bit too much, which gives it that artificial taste and smell. BUT, It tastes nicer the more you eat it and when you get the nice chucks of chocolate. I wasn't sure whether to put this one first or Maca Bliss, but the fact it is a protein bar is a plus for me.

Rating: 7.5/10

Pulsin Bar Peanut Maca Bliss

4. Maca Bliss

Smells chocolatey. More soft and doughy then the others. Could be a bit sweeter, but still sweet enough. It taste chocolatey and you can taste a bit of the maca. It is moreish like a brownie, and has a bit of texture to it, I think from the cacao butter, which are the white bits in the bars.

Rating: 8/10

Pulsin Bar Super Berry

6. Almond & Raisin

Smells chocolatey. Looks appealing. It has big chunks of almonds throughout the bar. It just tastes like an almond brownie. It's nice and soft but crunchy from the almonds. Could have been more tiny bit more chocolatey. You can't really taste the raisins but they give it sweetness.

Rating: 7/10

Pulsin Protein Bar Maple & Peanut

7. Super Berry

A hint of chocolate smell. It has white cashew bits and goji berries throughout the bar. It tastes sweet when you get a berry bit. It could have had more of a chocolate flavour and a stronger berry flavour.

Rating: 6.5/10

Pulsin Protein Bar Orange Choc Chip

8. Orange Choc Chip

Smells strong of orange. Taste chocolatey with a strong orange flavour, which overpowers the flavour of the protein, but the orange flavour still isn't overwhelming. Has a smooth texture like the mint one. If you love orange flavoured things you will love this. But I am not a fan of citrus flavoured food only the fruit itself so this is last on the list for me, but even then I am still impressed with it.

Rating: 8/10

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