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Pure Chimp Matcha

Pure Chimp is an ethical company who produce natural matcha powders and accessories. They also donate 5% of their profits to charity!

Their supply is from Japan who have been producing matcha green tea for over 30 years. This authentic Japanese matcha comes from the Kyoto region. This area is well known for its superior matcha. Pure Chimp believe their high quality matcha tea cannot be matched when it comes to value for money.

They sell their 50g glass jar matcha's for £11.95, 20g pouches for £4.95 and 100g pouches for £19.95.

You can buy them from their online store and Amazon UK.

Pure Chimp Matcha Green Tea
Pure Chimp Matcha Green Tea Ingredients

1. Matcha Green Tea

Great quality taste. I usually put around 1/2 of a tsp like it says to make a hot matcha latte or iced latte or to add to smoothies. It has a lovely matcha flavour, and obviously you can make the flavour weeker of stronger by how much powder you add. To my hot latte's I use around 3/4 of a tsp. Matcha is also great to add to your pancake or waffle batter!


Pure Chimp Matcha Mint

Pure Chimp Matcha Mint Ingredients

2. Mint

Basically tastes like a peppermint tea with matcha just not as strong. As I like adding plant-based milk to my matcha drinks it makes the mint and lemon (below) flavours more subtle tasting, which is ideal if you don't want a strong flavour. If you want it as a tea than of course just leave out the milk. This would also be great to add to a smoothie with cacao to make a chocolate mint matcha smoothie!


Pure Chimp Matcha Lemon

Pure Chimp Matcha Lemon Ingredients

3. Lemon

Again, tastes like the lemon flavour you would get in a tea bag, just with matcha. As all ingredients are natural it has great health benefits and adds an extra antioxidants boost!


Pure Chimp Matcha Turmeric

Pure Chimp Matcha Turmeric Ingredients

4. Turmeric

This was the strongest flavour of all the matcha's, as turmeric is quite a strong flavour, but it's not overly strong and you can still taste the flavour of the matcha. If you don't want it too strong you can just add less. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties.


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