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Raw Gorilla

Raw Gorilla

Here is basically all you need to know about Raw Gorilla.

They make raw, paleo, activated, and cane sugar free, cereals and snacks. Also organic, unprocessed, gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, soy free, loaded with superfoods! Pretty damn good right? Raw Gorilla are definitely also a winner for their unique flavours.

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Let's get into the review starting with the Crispies...

Raw Gorilla Cacao Crispies

1. Cacao Crispies

This one is my favourite. Because chocolate.. Am I right?

Anything chocolate is a winner really. It smells and tastes delicious, and I love that you can really taste the cacao, but it's not bitter. It's made with raw cacao powder, and I love the added almonds and dates, it's such a great combo. One of my favourite combos with this is pouring them on top of some CO YO vanilla yoghurt with banana. You have to try it!

Price: £5.99

Rating: 9/10

Raw Gorilla Strawberry Crispies

2. Strawberry Crispies

This one, kind of tastes like an, extremely deconstructed strawberry milkshake. It has a bit of a sour strawberry taste and smell, and has a nice crunch with all the fun and healthy ingredients!

Price: £5.99

Rating: 7.5/10

Raw Gorilla Original Crispies

3. Original Crispies

I love the fact that they use figs in this one, but they use raisins as well and for me personally, I am not a fan of raisins. I was trying to pick out the raisins but I couldn't tell them apart from the figs which was unusual and it all just tasted like raisins. The smell was actually unappealing to me, the taste wasn't too bad, it could have been the mix of dried maca powder and coconut oil together. The flavour is quite coconuty so if you love that you'll love this. If you mixed it with plant milk or yoghurt it would probably blend in with the other flavours. You can't argue with the fact that it has amazing, health boosting ingredients. But I personally would stick to my chocolatey favourite!

Price: £5.99

Rating: 6.5/10

Onto the Muchies!

I love how easy and convenient these munchies are to take on-the-go for a healthy snack.

Raw Gorilla Cacao & Lucuma Munchies

1. Cacao & Lucuma

The Raw Gorilla chocolate flavours have seemed to be a winner. The flavours of cacao and lucuma are well balanced while still keeping a super chocolatey flavour. They are crunchy from the buckwheat and not as chewy as the Maca and Cinnamon munchies. Love them!

Price: £1.49

Rating: 9.5/10

Raw Gorilla Maca & Cinnamon Munchies

2. Maca & Cinnamon

These ones tasted like a cinnamon muffin. These ones have the best texture, they are crunchy and chewy at the same time, but also not too chewy. These come closely behind or even on par with the cacao munchies.

Price: £1.49

Rating: 9.5/10

Raw Gorilla Apricot & Baobab Munchies

3. Apricot, Baobab & Tigernut

These ones are the chewiest munchies and not so crunchy. Which wasn't a bad thing at all! There is a hint of apricot flavour and that is about it. These would have been 100 times better if there was more apricot flavour. But these are still a great, healthy, superfood snack.

Price: £1.49

Rating: 7.5/10

Raw Gorilla Lemon, Lucuma & Coconut Munchies

4. Lemon, Lucuma & Coconut

Ok, so I'm not actually a fan of citrus flavoured snacks or desserts, only a fan of the fruit itself. So for me these were my least favourite munchies. But in saying that, they actually weren't that bad! It could have been the first citrus flavoured snack that I didn't actually mind. The lemon flavour was a bit intense at first but after the first couple of bites the flavour of the coconut took over so it wasn't that bad. You wouldn't think it, but lemon and coconut go well together. I wasn't into the strong lemon aftertaste it left in my mouth, but that could be refreshing for some people.

Price: £1.49

Rating: 7/10

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