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Raw Gorilla (new products!)

Raw Gorilla

If you have already seen the first review of Raw Gorilla you'll know I love their products!

This time they have revamped their look, recipe and they have a heap of new products out!

This brand make raw, vegan, paleo, natural, organic, refined sugar free and soy free granola (called crispies and munchies), muesli and little snack bites called "munchies". They are also packed with protein! And they have even brought out a Keto friendly muesli. The Keto diet is a high fat, high protein, low carb diet.

Their crispies still remain that I reviewed last time, but here are their two knew ones: Cacao Crunchies and Mighty Muesli. They have also changed the recipe for their munchies which are still the same shape but now a bit softer, still with a little crunch and nice chew and still taste great! They are so perfect for snacking, and they have so many great flavours.

You can use my code 'LAUREN15' for 15% off Raw Gorilla products.

Raw Gorilla Cacao Crunchies
Raw Gorilla Cacao Crunchies Ingredients

Cacao Crunchies

These are super chocolatey and crunchy with great textures. This is super yummy and I absolutely love that these now have bigger clumps, perfect for breakfast or just snacking on it's own. I'm addicted to these! It's great with plant milk or coconut yoghurt with fruit, especially banana. I love how the chocolate mixes out into the milk and turns it into a sweet chocolate milk! Yum! But not too sweet, these products have the perfect amount of sweetness. This also goes so great topped on an açai bowl!

Price: £5.19

Rating: 9/10

Raw Gorilla Mighty Muesli
Raw Gorilla Mighty Muesli Ingredients

Mighty Muesli

Who would have thought there was this much protein in seeds? Seeds are super good for you, they are high in fiber, vitamin E and monounsaturated fats which help to keep our heart healthy. This muesli has a coconuty flavour. It contains different seeds and coconut flakes. There are little clumps that stick together too which makes it even more great for breakfast with yoghurt or plant milk or for snacking. Simple but delicious!

Price: £5.19

Rating: 8/10

Açai topped with Raw Gorilla Cacao Crunchies

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