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Raw Walnut & Triple Choc Brownie Bites

Raw Walnut & Triple Choc Brownie Bites

I urge you to stop what you are doing and go and make these! Especially if you are a chocolate lover or are craving something super chocolatey, these will definitely hit the spot! Just make sure you have strong will power so you don't eat the whole batch!

These may look moreish (which they are) but there are some extreme health benefits in these little chocolate babies. Cacao, which is one of the highest food sources of magnesium and iron. And Walnuts! Walnuts are high in Omega-3, which supports nerve, brain and heart function, can help fight depression and anxiety, reduce inflammation and more!

Here is why you should be including more Walnuts into your diet:

1. Supports brain health (hence why it looks like a little brain!)

2. Helps keep your heart healthy

3. Supports eye health

4. Helps keep your skin and hair nourished

5. Induces and regulates sleep

6. High in antioxidants

7. Helps keep your bones and teeth healthy

8. Packed with good fats

9. Boosts energy

10. You can include them in a delicious dessert or snack!

These are super simple and easy to made too, bonus!

Raw Walnut & Triple Choc Brownie Bites

Raw Walnut & Triple Choc Brownie Bites


(makes 9-12 small bites)

1 cup medjool dates (10-12 dates)

3 tbsp cacao powder

1/4 cup smooth almond butter

1/3 cup walnuts

1 tbsp agave

1/2-1 tbsp cacao nibs

1 tbsp dairy-free chocolate chips


Blend dates with 3 tbsp of water in a food processor or high speed blender until smooth (can be roughly smooth).

Add all other ingredients except the walnuts, cacao nibs and chocolate chips.

Blend until it all sticks together, it may start to form one giant ball in the food processor.

Add the walnuts and pulse in the blender until they are roughly chopped and mixed in.

Add in the cacao nibs and chocolate chips (you can add as much as you want!) and stir through with a spoon, don't blend.

Line a tin with baking paper and pour the mixture in. The mixture will be quite sticky! It helps if you wet the spoon/spatula a little.

Smooth the mixture out into a rectangle shape with the width of the batter being about an inch or so thick.

Place in the fridge or freezer to firm.

Cut into small squares and place a walnut on the top of each square to decorate!

You can make the squares as big or small as you like. You can even roll the mixture into balls!

Store in a container in the fridge, or freezer if you want them a bit firmer.

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