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Seed & Bean

Seed and Bean

Seed and Bean make fair-trade, ethical, organic, vegan chocolate.

They have a super wide range of bars with unique flavour combos, and they have done super well with the well balanced and natural tasting flavours.

Not all their bars are vegan, but I have reviewed their full vegan range.

You can buy them online from their website for £2.69 per bar or in stores such as Whole Foods, Holland & Barrett, Planet Organic.

Seed and Bean Hazelnut

1. Mint

I am a fan of mint chocolate if it doesn't have that overpowering minty flavour that lingers like you have just brushed your teeth.

Perfect chocolate texture and super delicious, natural mint flavour that is not overpowering. I really liked this one!


Seed and Bean Mint

2. Hazelnut

I love hazelnut chocolate so this one is my favourite for an indulgent treat as I usually eat dark chocolate.

Their chocolate is super smooth! The hazelnut flavour comes through towards the end, but it tastes delicious!


Seed and Bean 72% Dark Chocolate

3. 72% Dark

I usually have a couple of squares of 70/72% dark chocolate as a treat after dinner and this was perfectly delish! Smooth, yummy and the pieces seemed to be thicker than the other bars, which is fine with me!


Seed and Bean Aromatic Fennel

4. Aromatic Fennel

I thought I wasn't going to like this one but it tastes like chocolate liquorice which I love! I am impressed with these flavours and how well they have done them. A very unique flavour.


Seed and Bean Lavender

5. Lavender

No real smell of Lavender. At first I was like ??? where is the Lavender flavour? Then the flavour really came through. I thought it would have been a bit unusual, like I was eating my favourite Lavender essential oil with chocolate, but it was actually really quite nice and it had nice natural Lavender flavour, not overpowering. The flavours of chocolate and Lavender go really well together.


Seed and Bean 80% Dark Chocolate

6. 80% Dark

This tastes really nice and super smooth, not overly bitter and has a little sweetness to compensate.


Seed and Bean Espresso

7. Espresso

I thought I also wouldn't really like this one but it really won me over. Natural espresso flavour, not too strong and sweeter than the other bars which compensates for the unsweet espresso.


Seed and Bean Coconut and Raspberry

8. Coconut and Raspberry

Tastes like dark chocolate and raspberry but I didn't taste any coconut so I don't know where that came from. It has a nice raspberry flavour though.

I have a great breakfast/dessert recipe using this chocolate which you can check out HERE.


Seed and Bean Cornish Sea Salt

9. Cornish Sea Salt

Basically dark choc with chucks of sea salt pieces. I thought it was a bit too salty which made it a little bit off-putting but this could be great to use to make a dessert recipe.


Seed and Bean Mandarin and Ginger

10. Mandarin and Ginger

This had a really subtle flavour of both mandarin and ginger, but that's why I liked it because ginger especially is a very bold flavour. The flavours were well balanced and a tiny kick from the ginger comes through towards the end.


Seed and Bean Lemon and Cardamom

11. Lemon and Cardamom

This had a slight flavour of lemon and cardamom. It was nice but I'm not really a fan of cardamom, especially in something as pure and delish as chocolate, so I personally wasn't in to it.


Seed and Bean Ginger

12. Ginger

It tastes like ginger like it says. Not overpowering, nice natural ginger flavour, but you get that kick at the end, which I personally would rather not have while eating a chocolatey treat. But the flavour is done really well.


Seed and Bean Sweet Orange and Thyme

13. Sweet Orange & Thyme

It smells like chocolate orange and has a nice orange flavour. I liked it at first, then the thyme flavour kicked in and I thought it was a bit strange in chocolate. You also get an aftertaste of thyme which I wasn't a fan of.