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That Chocolate

That Chocolate

That Chocolate makes handcrafted choccy bars that are:

• Raw • Vegan • Organic • Paleo • Refined sugar free • Emulsifier free • Free from ALL 14 major allergens • Rich in antioxidants and bursting with all natural energy lifting, mood enhancing goodness • Stoneground and handmade with love

The amazing thing too is it is also enriched with prebiotics and probiotics. There is more than 1 billion gut healing babies in every bar.

Their aim with these chocolate bars is to solve global hunger. The incredible concept of this company is that every one bar sold = one meal for a child living in poverty!

It has super healthy and clean ingredients making it the perfect guilt free chocolate bar.

That Chocolate Nutritional Values

Emma was first inspired to start this social enterprise after volunteering in the Philippines in the aftermath of Super Typhoon Haiyan, the 2013 disaster that saw 20,000 perish.

That is why That Chocolate's first feeding project will be in the Philippines, the very place the seed was planted three years ago.

Like every company with a vision they need the funds to be able to go ahead and make this magic happen, so they have created a Kickstarter project where you can pledge any amount you like and receive their amazing chocolate in the process. Their funding project goes only until November 1st 2017. My fingers are crossed!

To find out more about That Chocolate and to back this incredible enterprise click the link below:

That Chocolate Kickstarter Project

That Chocolate:



Not only does this chocolate contain healthy and clean ingredients but it tastes delicious too!

It is really smooth melt in your mouth chocolate. Not oily like some vegan chocolate, it has that nice bite to it.

It's nice and sweet. It has that carob chocolate flavour but 100% tastier than other carob chocolates I have tried. It's creamy and delicious. And with the added probiotics for gut health and fighting hunger in the process - this chocolate is a dream.

Can I also mention.. how cool is this packaging!?

That Chocolate vegan chocolate

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