The Food Doctor

The Food Doctor's mission is to make balanced, healthy and wholesome snacks. Created by nutritionists, their range is designed to provide you with a dose of vitamins through trusted information on health and wellbeing.

They produce vegan crisps made with popped soya and corn, fruit and veg bars, seed and cereal pitta bread, and snack mixes made with seeds, beans, soya and edamame.

You can find their products in Tesco, Waitrose and online on Amazon and Ocado.

Crisps £0.80

Bars £1.00

Pitta £1.50

1. Beetroot & Cacao

soft, chewy texture bit of crunchy pieces from puffed quinoa and cacao nibs

can taste the beetroot very mildly, chocolatey flavour, perfect sweetness. Really yummy I loved it! Am impressed.


2. Pineapple & Coconut

Nice texture and chew from the seeds, puffed quinoa and coconut. Nice natural, subtle coconut flavour and sweetness from the pineapple. I reall loved the flavour of this!


3. Apricot & Almond

There are lot's of seeds and almonds throughout the bar giving a nice crunch. The apricot flavour is yummy and I love the flavour of almonds and apricot together. It tastes a little caramel like!


4. Fig & Mango

Nice chew with lot's of crunch from the seeds, which is quite unique just having seeds as the main source of crunch, but I love it because seeds are super healthy for you! there are lot's of seeds and puffed quinoa. I can taste the fig but the mango only a tiny bit, but the flavour is nice and fruity.


5. Sweet Potato & Cashew

Nice soft chewy texture. You can taste the sweet potato flavour but it’s not overpowering. The flavour kinds of reminds me of the taste of dried sweet potato crisps. Good texture from the seeds etc. You can’t really taste the cashews. It was yummy and I definitely feel healthy eating it!


Turmeric Pitta

This bread has nice soft texture. You can taste the turmeric but it’s not too overpowering and if you eat the bread with other ingredients then you can’t taste the turmeric and just get the nice flavour of the pitta bread. I had this with a lentil daal I made and it was so delicious!! It went so well.


1. BBQ Chipotle

Nice and flavourful bbq flavour, but I think all of these crisps could have had a bit more flavour because the popped soy crisps itself seemed a bit bland, but it was yummy anyway! The crisps are like disc shapes.

Mildy spicy with a nice crunch. Making crisps using soy is quite unique and it works. You're also getting 5g of protein in each 23g packet so that's a bonus!


2. Thai Sweet Chilli

Lovely flavours. It has a tomato flavour with mild Thai flavours. Tiny bit spicier than the BBQ Chipotle crisps. Nice crunch. Yum!


3. Sundried Tomato & Herbs

Yummy subtle flavour of tomato and herbs, mostly oregano, it could been more flavourful. These are all a great healthier alternative to regular crisps!


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