Transcendence Documentary FMTV


Food Matter & FMTV introduce a new documentary-series that will take you deeper into the mind & body than ever before...

FMTV are launching the film series for FREE! Their online premiere event starting NOVEMBER 1ST! To learn more and to save your FREE spot click HERE.

Some of the biggest challenges we face today - stress, overwhelm, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, autoimmune disease, obesity, cancer, a midlife crisis, and feeling directionless - are leading us to believe that we won’t ever live a life full of health, happiness or purpose.

Transcendence Documentary FMTV

This groundbreaking series takes us on a transformational journey of discovery. Featuring the familiar faces of Novak Djokovic, Jim Kwik, Wim Hof, Gabrielle Bernstein, Joe Dispenza, Rich Roll, and more, it chronicles personal and inspirational stories to help us learn and grow through the process. We hear from those who have been in the darkest of trenches, and then used their experiences to transcend limitations to live a life beyond the ordinary.

Transcendence Documentary FMTV

Spanning over five fascinating episodes that individually tackle some of the biggest challenges of our time, Transcendence, takes the viewer on a journey into the ‘self’ like no other docu-series before.

Transcendence Documentary FMTV

TRANSCENDENCE will show you how to:

• Optimize your diet to heal your gut and autoimmune conditions naturally

• Control stress, fear and anxiety in your life with simple daily habits

• Overcome self doubt & limiting beliefs that are holding you back in life

• Discover your true passion & connect with your life's purpose

• Uncover what you are truly capable of mentally, physically and spiritually

• Reprogram your mind & body to live a healthier and happier life

Transcendence online premiere event starting NOVEMBER 1ST! To learn more and to save your FREE spot click HERE.

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