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Upfull Granola

Upfull is an independent and sustainable brand that make fresh, hand toasted organic granola that is naturally sweet, high in fibre and packed with superfoods.

They blend gluten-free oats with fresh nuts and dried fruit and the sweetness comes from the already natural ingredients.

These little 100g packets are SO convenient for eating on-the-go or at work. You can literally just fill up the bag with any plant-based milk, pop it in the fridge to sit overnight, and grab it in the morning. I did this with the cacao flavour when I had to leave early for work, I added some fruit to the bag, sealed it back up and brought a spoon and ate it on-the-go!

AND you can use the packaging as grower bags afterwards, there are some instructions at the back of the Tropical Blast bag.

Fun fact: "Upfull" is Jamaican slang for being cheerful and full of life!

They will be launching a super cool crowdfunder in a few weeks where you can design your own mix of granola and have it delivered to you to help them achieve their goal, so make sure you follow them to keep updated on this awesome project!

Head over to my Instagram: @laurensaliu where I am running a giveaway where you can win some packets of this awesome granola!

Upfull Granola Tropical Blast
Upfull Granola Tropical Blast Ingredients

1. Tropical Blast

This smells so good, and tastes even better! Crunchy with some chew, and clusters which is what you want in granola. It tastes buttery with a nice amount of sweetness. It doesn't really taste tropical but it's still very yummy. I topped my smoothie bowl with this, this would also taste really nice with some coconut yoghurt and fruit or with plant-based milk.


Upfull Granola Cacao Crunch
Upfull Granola Cacao Crunch Ingredients

2. Cacao Crunch

Smells yummy and chocolatey! It is a bit more chewy than crunchy. Sweet and chocolatey. Clustery. As I said, I soaked this one overnight with some plant-based milk, added some berries to it in the morning and ate it while travelling to work. It is super yummy! Great soft consistency like overnight oats, nice sweetness and the milk turns into chocolate milk!


Upfull Granola Apple Pie
Upfull Granola Apple Pie Ingredients

3. Apple Pie

Smells like dried apple and cinnamon. Less crunchy than the tropical and some chew. Tastes like apple and cinnamon so definitely fits the apple pie flavour. This one is more like muesli, there are no clusters, and it's a bit less sweet. This one was also super yummy with some plant-based milk and I love how you can eat it straight from the bag! I love the soft consistency in milk and it has a lovely taste of cinnamon and is sweet from the dried apple pieces.


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