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Vegan Tim Tam & Mint Slice (Leda)

Leda Choculence and Minton (Vegan Tim Tam & Mint Slice)

Leda is an Australian company that don't just make a vegan version of Tim Tam and Mint Slice, they also produce gluten free and vegan goodies such as biscuits, bars, snacks for kids and more, using healthier ingredients. They even have a vegan version of a kid's favourite DunkaRoos, called "Dunk-ies".

If you don't know what Tim Tam or Mint Slice is it's an iconic Australian chocolate biscuit and Mint Slice is a mint chocolate biscuit. They taste super delicious. I don't know if Leda was going for the same taste but I had to give them try to see for myself!

Price each: $3.80

Leda Choculence (Vegan Tim Tam)

Leda Choculence Nutritional Values

Choculence The smell isn't very appealing. It's sweet and basically just tastes like a chocolate biscuit, It's not super delicious at first and doesn't have that moreish chocolate flavour but it gets better the more you eat it. Doesn't taste like a Tim Tam at all, but great if you are looking for a vegan and gluten free chocolate biscuit.

Rating: 7/10

Leda Minton (Vegan Mint Slice)

Leda Minton Nutritional Values


The smell is minty but still not extremely appealing. It's sweet and has the same kind of chocolate flavour as Choculence. I feel like the mint flavour wasn't spot on even using peppermint oil as an ingredient. But again, it does get better the more you eat it. These are pretty good for a vegan, gluten free and wheat free biscuit using more natural ingredients than normal.

Rating: 7/10

Watch the video of me taste testing these here!

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