24 Oct 2019

Sometimes the best recipes are created when you don't put too much thought into it! This one was created when I was dancing around in my kitchen intuitively adding ingredients.

It turned out to taste so similar to creamy white chocolate! But super healthy and with added protein. YUM!!

I love making protein bars because you can eat them as a snack throughout the day, for a quick on-the-go breakfast o...

22 Feb 2019

I love making my own quick and easy bars.. You know exactly what you're putting into it and they are perfect to take on-the-go!

These bars are great to eat pre or post workout or as a snack throughout your day to keep your energy levels up as it contains protein, healthy fats, carbohydrates and essential nutrients.

Using Raw Sport plant-based Chocolate & Vanilla protein, it gives it amazing, natural...

16 Nov 2018

This granola recipe is super simple, quick and easy to make. Hence the name Easy Granola! 

It's very versatile and perfect for eating with yoghurt and fruit, or for topping smoothie bowls with, or just eating it straight from the jar for a snack!

Granola has been a staple in my kitchen. Everyone needs granola in their life right?

Easy Granola


2 cups rolled oats

1-2 tbsp chia seeds

1-2 tbsp fl...

5 Oct 2018

I love making healthy (but delicous) bars because they are the perfect snack or breakfast to eat on-the-go or at home in between a meal. These bars are also great for a healthy dessert!

Filled with protein and fuel from the buckwheat and oats, iron and magnesium from the mood boosting cacao and vitamins, minerals and healthy fats from all the other ingredients!

What I also love about these bars is t...

22 Jun 2018

I love how a recipe turns out exactly how you envisioned! This is a similar recipe I use for my Choc Chip Banana Bread recipe, and I thought it would work GREAT as muffins too! Not just chocolate chip but with a gooey chocolatey filled center! Who doesn't love a bit of extra chocolate?! The muffins are vegan, gluten free, healthy and delicious!

Normally to get a gooey chocolate filled ce...

29 Mar 2018

I urge you to stop what you are doing and go and make these! Especially if you are a chocolate lover or are craving something super chocolatey, these will definitely hit the spot! Just make sure you have strong will power so you don't eat the whole batch!

These may look moreish (which they are) but there are some extreme health benefits in these little chocolate babies. Cacao, which is one of the h...

18 Mar 2018

You can tell I'm a little obsessed with Spirulina smoothies. I love making up random smoothies and discovering that they taste amazing!!! This smoothie is packed with vitamins, minerals and protein. Spirulina being the God of superfoods is packed with a load of vitamins and minerals including iron and b12. Tahini is packed with calcium and makes this smoothie super creamy. You seriously have to tr...

22 Dec 2017

Often at times hummus in stores can contain unhealthy oils and other additives. So here is a recipe that is super simple, healthy, delicious and quick to whip up in the comfort of your own home.

Homemade Hummus


1 can of chickpeas (rinsed and drained)

2 tbsp tahini

Juice of 1/2 a lemon

1 tbsp olive oil

1 tsp garlic powder/granules

1 tsp onion powder/granules

Pinch of cayenne powde...

18 Dec 2017

I love this smoothie in summer for a cooler coffee option. It is packed full of healthy, energy-rich foods and antioxidants from the cacao. Plus it is so fricken delicious!

Mocha Smoothie


1/2-1 frozen banana

1 cup of cold brewed coffee

1 tbsp cacao powder

1 heaped tbsp coconut yoghurt

Agave syrup to taste

Around 1/3 cup soy milk (or any plant milk) 

Ice cubes (optional)


Blend everythi...

12 Dec 2017

It was about time I put a banana bread recipe up on this blog! This is so delicious, I love a warm slice covered with almond butter and a dash of agave or chocolate sauce, or some vegan butter (my favourite brand is Bio). It is also perfect and nutritious enough for breakfast, or to take on-the-go!

Best Banana Bread (vegan & gluten free)


In a bowl:

2 large ripe bananas (mashed)

1 tbsp almon...

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