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Tarot Readings


This includes a video call or face to face.


£30 for 30 mins

To book please contact me via email: or message me on Instagram @laurensaliu xx


"I highly recommend Lauren’s Tarot Card readings. She’s given me a few fantastic readings. She is a true expert and good at what she does. I was blown away by the accuracy of her reading and the guidance she provided really helped me move forward in a positive manner."
- Shanay 

"My tarot reading with Lauren was simply amazing. She is very calm, empathetic and took her time to read through all aspects of my reading in detail. Afterwards, I felt so much more positive and focused. She’s such a lovely lady and I highly recommend a reading from her!"
- Katie 



"Every time Lauren has done a tarot reading for me I have always resonated with what she has said and it has given me the guidance I needed at the time. Her readings are intuitive, insightful and accurate and she gives information that seems to address issues of mind, body, spirit and emotions. She is especially good with personal and relationship guidance, although she would never tell you what to do because she is a strong believer in self-empowerment. She is a channel for high vibrational energy and raises your awareness about an issue and gives you options that you might not have thought about, to consider. I would definitely recommend a tarot reading with this gentle beautiful soul 💜"

- Susan 

"Lauren did my first ever reading a while ago now and to be honest although I entered it a little sceptical about tarot as soon as she started speaking it literally blew my mind. Everything she said resonated with me and gave me the guidance and answers that I was looking for at that point in my life. I have returned to her many times since and always leave feeling with a greater sense of peace about the questions I’ve asked. She truly has a gift and you can actually feel her calm and kind spirit coming through during a reading."

- Baz


"Lauren was really in tune with me and what I needed to get out of my reading. She was able to reveal the answers to some important questions and work through them with me so I understood exactly what I needed to hear in order to open up new opportunities in my life."

- Alex


"Lauren is a great tarot reader. She definitely has a gift reading the cards and helping you with good advice. She’s very intuitive and is able to understand exactly what the cards say. I totally recommend Lauren’s readings."

- Camila

Rawsome Reviews
Rawsome Reviews
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